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21 Made of Scars

This song rocks so hard... Just makes you want to pump your first and thrash... Stone Sour for life!

Killer riff, awesome song!

Great song! I love to listen to this song right before I play roller derby! I love Stone Sour!
My second pick would be Say You'll Haunt Me.. That is amazing!

22 My Name is Allen
23 Sadist

People seem to be quite content sticking to the old records. There is no reason that this song doesn't deserve to be the best. It surpasses every single song in their entire career. Everything is so perfect here. It really feels pathetic that this is so unnoticed

Amazing track, my favourite stone sour song, they have way too many good songs to be able to choose my 10 favourite songs, the house of gold and bones albums are incredible musically

One of my favorite Stone Sour songs. Should be at least in the top ten.

Don't need much to say it must be ranked much more than it deserves

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24 Stalemate

Fantastic Song! Everything Stone Sour stands for is in this one!

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25 The Uncanny Valley
26 Digital (Did You Tell)

Strong and heavy song! Freaking love it!

27 Sillyworld

Sillyworld is a good song because... We are taking our world for granted. What use to be peace then, isn't peace now. & what use to be happiness then, isn't happiness now. There are so many things that have been taken for granted... & this song really explains that.

and yes, it's such a silly world we live in!

This should be in the top ten.

28 Imperfect

The first stone sour song I heard and still one of my favorites

This song is beautiful.. must be ranked higher!

29 Come What (Ever) May

One of the best off of that album the whole album rocked but this and zzyxz were 2 of the best.
Also surprised socio or hell and consequences isn't on here

So shocked this isn't up in the top five. Tis a killer tune. Put it on and you'll get lost.

Its one their best song

Best stone sour song in my opinion

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30 Monolith

I also consider it like # 1 , great vocals !

31 1st Person
32 A Rumor of Skin

The riff is just awesome, and the chourus is so epic. Corey's voice is amazing and overwhelming as always, James' guitar skills are totally awesome, Roy's drum fills are fantastic. Well, this song has got it all. Vote for A Rumour Of Skin, take it to the top, it deserves every vote in the world. STONE SOUR FOREVER m/_

Apart from Gone Sovereign, this is number 2. Very impressive musical tone. Corey's voice is just overwhelming in this song. Should be voted better.

Criminally underrated. This is my all-time favorite song. - gone-sovereign

One of stone sours best songs vote for it

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33 Fabuless
34 Wicked Game

They killed it. Cory's raw emotion was fantastic. Best cover of this song to date.

This is an amazing song but no better than the three days grace cover

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35 Red City

My new favourite, what a great, great song.

36 Peckinpah

I'm wearing this one out-awesome!

37 Dying

Check this one out for sure. Its really good. Youll love it

38 Unfinished

One of their best new songs, these guys will be big, just wait - maddog

39 Song #3
40 Orchids

Yes, this should be on this list. It's definitely a good song. It's my second favorite, but I understand why people didn't vote for this.

This song is one of there best songs but I had to put it on the list

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