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41 Socio

I've always loved this song. It has great lyrics, awesome instrumental part, and a great beat. It's probably one of (if not the most) underrated Stone Sour songs.

Really catchy song and a great simple but elegant solo!

42 '82

This is a class piece of music

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43 Hell & Consequences

The song is perfect

44 Ru486

A bit of groove and anger goes a long way.

45 Cold Reader

The drums in the prechorus are sick. They give off a latin-y feel in the midst of an alternative metal song. Can't go wrong with that.

46 I Can't Believe

I Can't Believe this song laying down in bottom of the list, For me this song always be in top three. What a touching song man, let's vote for this song...

Best song ever by stone sour in my opinion. I JUST now heard it and can't believe I never hward it before.

47 Blue Study
48 Pieces

Am I missing something? This is easily the bands best song!

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49 The Day I Let Go

though its in the bonus tracks , bt this song might be one of the darkest songs ever made !

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50 Nylon 6/6
51 Hate Not Gone

50! Really! This is right up there with songs like do me a favour and absolute zero.

52 The Travelers, Pt. 1
53 Take a Number

People, listen the first album too! This list showes that people only heard the last albums.

Greatest Stone Sour in my opinion. Such heavy riffs and meaningful lyrics. I love it!

Definitely underrated and should be in everyones top 20, great song.

54 Anna
55 Your God V 1 Comment
56 Fruitcake
57 Omega
58 The Travelers, Pt. 2
59 Gravesend
60 Suffer V 1 Comment
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