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1 Darkness

Darkness is the one of the best song by stonedz and even in the world. It show's the problems we face in our life at teenage. Sometimes we want to stay alone, we hated everything which is present near to us. This song tells about this. And its music composition is superb and lyrics are simply very awesome

Best song in music history just vote foe it guys... Superb song dude
Lyrics are just simply very best...

2 The Song

Its really far better from all other song of stonedz because it is really best composition of music and lyrics by them. Always get rank.1

The song is suberb mixer between love and rock music like 21guns by Green Day. This song is superb alternative song.

3 Take It All Away
4 Realize

'and then I realise that I'm a paranoid but no way how to crossover it and then to make a point' superb lyrics by stonedz...

5 Misery

Go for it... Best love song ever.

6 Faith

1. Darkness
2. The song
3. Faith
4. Lost
5. Realise
6. Take it all away
7. Misery
8. Fire
9. Where we are
10. Gameplay

7 Me & You

Superb song guys. Vote it

8 Gameplay

Best fun song ever...

9 Lost

This song is just awesome. It tells about how discrimination takes over the low cast. But it support that this is really wrong. This song just awesome..

10 No God

Its really the song which will touch your heart every time when will you here this song. Just vote this song!

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11 Where I Belong
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