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1 Backyardigans to the Future by Cardsharks87
2 The Penguins Go to Reptarland by Cardsharks87

It is totally awesome and it got finished so fast.

3 Bornonity by Cardsharks87
4 How Tommy Met His Screwdriver by Cardsharks87

It's a Christmas one! How could anybody (besides people who celebrate Haunnachah or Kwanza) not like this one unless they don't care for Rugrats.

5 Child Abduction by Cardsharks87
6 Bending the Jutsu Naruto Crossover Avatar

This is my favourite crossover story

7 GarBob FieldPants by Cardsharks87
8 The Room: Garfield Edition by Cardsharks87
9 A Tortured Duelist by Lux Nero / Vyser Dragoon
10 We Love Basketball by Cardsharks87

Wow, Cardsharks must be a real good writer to have 8 of the 10 best stories on fanfiction!

I wish this was a little more objective... - keyson

The Contenders

11 Star Fox: Exchange Student by XxsanitariumxX
12 Garfield Crossesover With the Penguins by Cardsharks87
13 Kisah Next Generation by TauHumba
14 Car, Rain, Fire, Danger
15 Spyro and the Love Triangle by Keyson
16 My Immortal

I love this beautifully crafted Harry Potter fan fiction. It is a genuine gem and is not bad nor a trollfic. I love this adorable work and all the spin-offs and memes on the internet seem to be dedicated to making fun of Tara's love, time, energy, and craftsmanship. This is cute, sassy, and I identify with Ebony! I love this story! No hate, this is the right opinion by a good gothic person and you preps are all wrong.

1. Ebony is not a Mary Sue; she is Satanist, depressed, and slightly evil.
2. There are reasons for whenever a character is out-of- character(Dumbledore having a headache, Draco being very in love, etc.).
3. There are villains and heroes/heroines. The main villain, Voldemort, is just the way he is in canon.
4. Who cares about spelling/grammar? Only preps, not the good gothic writers, reviewers, and fan fiction people.
5. I love this.

All of you preps need to stop flaming Tara's TLC. I love this.

17 iFooture by Cardsharks87
18 History of a Teacher by Famous Fault
19 Black Sheep Wanted by Wynja
20 Behind Closed Classrooms by Lara D

This is the best fan fiction I have ever read. It is for The Sisters Grimm. It is the sequel to For the First Time by Lara D, and is a fluffy romantic and cute with a hard edge to it. :D.

21 101 Ways to Kill Jar Jar Binks
22 Curse of the Lucario by Talkingbirdguy
23 The Pokemon Story
24 A Snake in the Grass by Tryan

One of my best favorite Super Smash Bros stories I've read. - MeeMeeCandy777

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