Top Ten Best Story of the Year Songs

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21 We Don't Care Anymore
22 Razorblades
23 Save One

Though only featured as a bonus track in their album "The Black Swan", it really is a great composition featuring both reflecting and heartbreaking lyrics and melody. Though not the standard SOTY rock song, I feel that this is an extremely underrated and memorable song, and deserves to be among the top 5.

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24 In the Shadows
25 Cannonball
26 Stereo

Why is this song so low on the list? It should be in the top ten (at least)

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27 Turn Up the Radio

So unappreciated... but great song!

28 We're Not Gonna Make It

One of their most amazing yet unfortunately most underrated songs. The song also really brings out Phil's voice and proves he's capable of more than just backing singing.

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29 Dive Right In

How is this not first? Seriously, give up life you idiots

30 Heavy Gloom
31 Nerve
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