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101 Survivor - Destiny's Child
102 Paparazzi - Lady Gaga
103 Smooth Operator - Sade
104 King of Sorrow - Sade
105 Movin' On - Novecento
106 Tell Me Something - Novecento
107 Llamado de Emergencia - Daddy Yankee
108 Savior - Skillet
109 Trouble - Coldplay
110 Never Close Our Eyes - Adam Lambert

A stunning music video set in a dystopian future devoid of colour and happiness where people live like mindless zombies... Until Adam comes and saves the day!

111 Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert

A breathtaking video which explores the concept of light and dark through a beautiful storyline.

112 Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
113 But It's Better If You Do - Panic! At the Disco

It's like a movie, and everything in the video expresses the meaning of the song as clearly as possible! It's an amazing video, which reminds me of a 4 minute soap opera! It's scandalous, sexy, stunning, and spot-on in terms of theme. This video appeals to everyone, and the lead singer is kinda sexy beyond words, which doesn't hurt. Words can't do him justice so watch the video now! It never fails to please people!

Unique song, and the video perfectly displayed the 1930's theme, and they went all out! Just a complete job well done!

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114 Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
115 Firework - Katy Perry
116 The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

Frightfully amazing song and intense Meaning in the song and video

117 Chum - Earl Sweatshirt
118 Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore

At first the video may just seem strange, obscure but enjoyable when you first watch it. But after you search up the storyline and learn the truth about it, the video becomes eerie and deep.

119 What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
120 Hero - Enrique

The story of enrique being beaten to death is truly gut wrenching... One of the best storylines ever!

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