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1 Black Diamond

The coolest opening ever, taken from a very famous piece of classical music!

Wonderful opening, and also the lyrics.

Incredible song!

Pure Europen classical power metal with melancholyc vibe

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2 Elysium

Epic song! The longest of Stratovarius... Perfect escalation of feelings, makes great images and I think it's completely underrated up to now

One of the best epics of all time, should be in top 5 - petrucci75hammet

Being a guy that is used to shorter songs I first doubted this song. And then I listed to it. Best. Decision. Ever.

This song should be number 1 it's better then black diamond

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3 Eagleheart

When I heard this song for the 1st time I knew that Stratovarius would always be my favourite band.

4 Hunting High and Low

Whenever I feel depressed, this song always makes me feel empowered and to never give up.

The song make me feel strength

The Greatest Chorus Strato have ever invented

Should be #1
This song helps me to make million dollars every month!

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5 Destiny

This the best song of them

Amazing solo

So take a look at yourself
And tell me what do you see
A wolf in clothes of the Lamb?

Do I need to say something about it?

6 Unbreakable

This is masterpiece! I can say only this words

This is the best power metal song that I've heard

Great song. The best power anthem I have heard for some time

Such a beautiful song.

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7 Shine In the Dark
8 Future Shock
9 Elements
10 Paradise

Nice song.. Pleasure to my ear and soul..

It has to be up

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11 Stratosphere

The guitar at the same time with the strings at a crazy pace. this song is the best

12 Forever

So sweet, it makes me wanna cry when I listen to this. Just like my childhood is right here in front of my eyes, I can see them all, the green fields, the sun, what a lovely song!

The best song. my favorite

13 The Kiss of Judas

Ohh, THE KISS OF JUDAS, what can I say?
Yes, it's the opener of Visions, Stratovarius' best album.
But it's not just the best Stratovarius song, it's the best sounding song in power metal.
SO, Why is it so low?

What a song. Wow. Excellence at it's finest.

Love this song

Best song!

14 4000 Rainy Nights

This song is great! I love it so much!.. One of the first metal ballads I've heard.

One of the songs that not talks about environment or Earth or something like that.

15 We are the Future
16 Infernal Maze
17 Stratofortress
18 Halcyon Days

A fast, heavy song with an outstanding chorus!

19 Maniac Dance
20 Abyss
21 Speed of Light

Epic riff, rapid-fire solo. Great technicality and vocals. My favorite Stratovarius song!

The guitar solo it is just supreme, short song, great power

Best song By Stratovarius - Blackmetalist

22 Mother Gaia

Incredible song, amazing lyrics, great message for us. A big song by the biggest band of Finland.

This song must be number one...

23 Deep Unknown

This is a song that always seems to leap out at you, no matter how many times you hear it. Very epic with an awesome solo by Matias!

24 Break the Ice
25 Coming Home

One of the best ballbs - pruvet

26 Learning to Fly
27 Castles In the Air

I can't say what it is, but of all of their songs this is the one that always jumps out at me.

The best song of their new album "Nemesis".

Really love this song

28 Fantasia
29 I'm Still Alive
30 Forever is Today
31 Out of the Fog
32 Dreamweaver
33 Playing With Fire


34 Father Time

It's a perfect example of the power metal genre it's disappointing to see this song so low on the list I mean it's the best song they have ever made and to see this song 23th come on this should be at least in a top 10 :v

Black Diamond is amazing... But this one tops them all

Perfect power metal anthem!

Along with Black Diamond this one is Strato at their best!

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35 The Game Never Ends

Awesome song with an awesome chorus and solo!

36 Under Flaming Skies
37 Cold Winter Nights
38 Lord of the Wasteland
39 S.O.S.
40 Infinity

Something about this song is just epic... It makes me want to listen to it again and again and afterwards I had to ask myself "where do I go from here? " Choosing a song to enjoy after that was very difficult :P

Probably my personal favorite. Pure nostalgia since I was around 10 years old and used to repeat the song over and over again

It's such an epic song that it always, and I mean always, gives you the hugest feels possible


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41 Dreamspace

This is a song that takes your breath away with it's dark atmosphere and shifting moods. Very powerful!

This song is just so awesome, eventhough it is so dark.

42 Soul of a Vagabond
43 The Hands of Time
44 Visions (Southern Cross)
45 A Million Light years Away

Can't believe there's only been over 100 votes on this list, the music industry is just plain messed up. Anyway, brilliant song love singing along to the chorus - wolphert

46 Distant Skies
47 Dragons
48 Phoenix

A great song to be mentioned in my opinion

Cannot believe it is this low! That bridge alone is so heavy it deserves the top 10!

49 Glory of the World

This song is so underrated, its beautiful

50 Why Are We Here?
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