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41 Soul of a Vagabond
42 Visions (Southern Cross)
43 Glory of the World

This song is so underrated, its beautiful

44 A Million Light years Away

Can't believe there's only been over 100 votes on this list, the music industry is just plain messed up. Anyway, brilliant song love singing along to the chorus - wolphert

45 Why Are We Here?
46 Distant Skies
47 Dragons
48 The Abyss of Your Eyes

This is one of the best! Need to add!

49 Liberty

Why this song wasn't even in the list?

50 If the Story is Over

This is one of the best ballads the band has ever produced. Timo Kotipelto's vocals is what really shines in this song. This song is so powerful and full of emotion, as well. Such a beautiful song and one of the best Stratovarius have created, no doubt about it.

This song has such an effect on me, that during the next 12 months I bought every album they produced, and couldn't believe I had unearthed a gem of a band

This song Is amazing... The lyrics and the music are full of feeling... This could be a hymn.. I really love this song

51 Phoenix

A great song to be mentioned in my opinion

52 Against the Wind

What! I think this is the best song of Stratovarious!

53 Millenium

The opening riff... Enough said. - Caleb9000

54 Infinity

Something about this song is just epic... It makes me want to listen to it again and again and afterwards I had to ask myself "where do I go from here? " Choosing a song to enjoy after that was very difficult :P

Probably my personal favorite. Pure nostalgia since I was around 10 years old and used to repeat the song over and over again

It's such an epic song that it always, and I mean always, gives you the hugest feels possible

One of the most bombastic and powerful songs made by the band!

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55 Just Carry On
56 Nemesis

A VERY epic song and possibly one of the loudest and most epic!

awesome! Amazing apocalyptic theme!

57 Awaken the Giant

My Personal Favorite.

58 Find Your Own Voice

Everything in this song is musicianship at it's best!

59 Forever Free
60 Legions
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