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The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.


I am small but I have always wanted to play it ever since and orchestra came to my school and let the kids play with them you had to go in a line and I didn't know how to play but I could hold it myself and the lady said I was good, well let's just say I didn't break any eardrums. Either way they have been my favorite instrument ever since then and I have been looking into getting one lately.

The deep soulful voice of the cello just melts me. It's so emotive and has a beautiful range that can be low and rich and also reaches relatively high melodies. Doesn't hurt your ears to listen to like the violin and doesn't sound too low and dark as the bass sometimes can. My perfect instrument - love at first sound!

Cellos are perfect for tall people like me. Bass is too big, viola and violin are too small. Cellos you always sit down. They are not that high and not that low. I think they are perfect... And they are sometimes called "the key of the orchestra." They do not sound unstable like band instruments, but I feel like you can control Cellos throughly.

It is my first year leaning a string instrument. I started with violin, but then I realized that the violin is not the instrument for me. It has to much pitch. Bringing a cello places make it more convenient but it it is worth it. I like cello songs like pavane, ode to joy. I also like YO YO MA. Cello is truly a good instrument.

The cello is the most amazing instrument I have ever played, also the cello may be big and hard to carry around, but it's worth it! The cello can also hit only some of the high notes of the violin. In my opinion it has one of the best range of sound. Vote for cello!

In my opinion cellos deserve to be in the "top 3 string instruments", even thought it isn't as popular as violin or guitar they are still and essential part of an orchestra with it's strong sounds.

Cellos are the most beautiful instruments I have ever heard. I listened to Gabriel's Oboe (cello version) amd I cried for the first time. The deep, rich, and mellow tone is beautiful. The cello can express so many emotions. It's amazing what the cello can express with just four strings. I would literally marry the cello if I could.

Is gorgeous it is so deep and has a meaningful tone. It's sound is so pure I think it should definitely be #1 (personal opinion)

I play the cello and it has such an amazing tone and is the best (in my opinion) string instrument. You can express so much emotion through it and it looks so pretty.

I love the cello so much due I the sound and shape it has a great sound and a amazing looking instrument. It hurts your fingers in the first time but now

Cello is a beautiful instrument in sound and in looks. I truly believe that it is a wonderful use of effort and time.

The Cello is better than playing the violin because it has a deeper sound and its easier to play than the violin.

The sound is rich and deep. You can tone it very well depending on how high and low you want to go. It was a much larger variety of sounds

Nothing can compare to the amount of emotion packed within one single note played by a cello.

It has a really deep and cool sound and making a awesome song! I've had heard of a cello song and its awesome!

When you here the deep roar of the cello your heart melts into your skin and you feel all tingly inside

Cello are get better then the viola because violas are are old fat ugly people that need a life

Cellos are the best instrument hands down. You can also play the imperial march on them.

Best instrument. They have deep voices, relaxing, but still able to play a melody.

The cello is amazing and probably deserves #1 in orchestra string instruments

The cello is amazing. The sound is just so powerful.

I love this instrument! My friend plays the cello and it's so beautiful.

Best instrument ever! It sounds so soothing, and has the perfect pitch.

I really want to learn how to play the cello! I love the way it sounds!

The cello is the BEST INSTRUMENT EVER! It should be #1 on this list