Amazing to play and you can tune it to different sounds and there are so many types of guitars.

It creates great sound and is really fun! :D :-)

Guitar is very comfortable. I haven't played the violin so I cannot say anything about it. I like the ukulele as well.

I just love guitar I'm crazy about it. Whenever I feel down, I grab my guitar and this relaxes me a lot. Guitar is great.

You can play it so much different ways and on different things and it is just the best

Best on here. You could strum it, pull it, tap on it, sweep on it, even you can slap on it. - zxm

Guitar is the best string instrument.

Guitar is used in many types of music. but violin is used in only classical music and also guitar is widely used

All the best musicians can sit down and play an acoustic show with an acoustic guitar

Lets be real here. Who wants to play the banjo?

Country to classical to metal. Perfect

Its great.I love to play it when I am sad

Guitar's are so rustic and cool and I love the way they sound.

It is a heavily influential musical instrument

Guitars are my favorite string instrument.

It's fun to do, and people become happy.

East or west guitar is the best of all.

It's versatility is the best feature!

Go Guitar! It played Gangnam Style

Not only string instrument, but guitar is undoubtedly the king of all the musical instruments! It provides the peace of mind like no other; it's easy to use and with its great variety it can make any kind of song...from classical to rock and roll to hip hop! It represents the word 'music'. So hands down, guitar is THE BEST. Thank you.

I have no idea why should I do this.

I love the guitar. The sounds and styles varry so much, even the styles. It's a great beginner instrument and is one the main reasons that I'm now trying to learn all of the common string instuments. I highly suggest this instrument for to any musician, young or old.

Guitar is easy and good to play... If you think it is hard... It isn't :D cause when you practice. You will be good at it

Firstly... You should love the instrument you play... Because when you love it it will love you and you will make a wonderful duet... However every single instrument has it's own sound and music... But I PLAY CLASSICAL GUITAR I'm a beginner and I think that guitar could take the place of any other musical instrument... But if you are playing another instrument keep on playing it because it wont be fun if the whole world played guitar
Oh and I love VIOLIN and GUITAR fortunately I play guitar

I play the guitar since I was 10. Now I am in my 50s, and still cannot stay a few days without playing my guitar. I play classical pieces from Carcassi, to Sor, Giuliani, and Tarrega, to Lauro, Villalobos, Pixinguinha. It relaxes me from the daily routine, and challenges me to keep learning and getting better at it. The guitar is a lifetime commitment, and very pleasant.