10 Best String Instruments


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21 Zither
22 Veena
23 Hurdy Gurdy
24 Double Bass

My first instrument was the viola, and we already never get any fun parts. But my orchestra class for my grade, didn't have a bass, so I started playing that too. Even though of course it gets the harmony, those parts are fun too. Playing the instrument that no one wanted to is great

25 Bouzouki

The best

26 Mandocello
27 Bass Guitar

Bass usually means bass guitar. So its kinda duplicate here. Double-bass is different - zxm

28 Psaltery

Ronald weeks

This sounds awesomazing!

29 Erhu

I am Marianne and this instrument came from where my ancestors live in.

30 Alto Violin
31 Sarangi
32 Surbahar
33 Mandola
34 Demicil
35 Banjitar
36 Octobass

Deepest of the string family

37 Rabab

Known as the lion of instruments is one of two national instruments of Afghanistan and is the ancestor of the south Asian Sarud/Sarod/Sarood. It is the first instrument used by the Sikhism.

38 Sarod
39 Morin Khuur

This instrument sounds incredibly distinct and sometimes rather eerie, nothing compares to it

40 Dulcimer

This has such a soothing, mezmerizing sound, and I love it.

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