Viola has a deep, beautiful mellow sound compared to (Nice-sounding, but high) sound of the viola, or the menacing sound of the cello, it's the perfect in the middle instrument. Definitely deserves to be higher on the list

Violas make the best sound, especially with their c-string. It is also not the easiest instrument to play especially since we play "backing up" most of the times

The Viola is the best because it is not high pitched and it is medium it has a tangy but sweet tone and represents the idea of art and energy. I play the viola and know first hand that people take it for granted.

The viola is such a beautifully crafted instrument and has a tone just as beautiful to follow. It's not as small as a violin but still a lot easier to carry than a cello. They are in my opinion one of the most delicate but strong sounding instruments in the string family.

I play Viola and it is so beautiful it's a little lower than violence and violence to high pitch so it is a really really cool instrument please make sure to vote for it and make a writing about it please vote for it

I love the viola! I have played it for 5 years. Like the violin it is very difficult when you first start. Once you have it, it is beautiful sounding.

May be a bit biased, since I play it, but its not too high, nor too low that its difficult to get sound out of it. I quite like it! - keycha1n

Always overlooked because of violins, but once you play it, you never want to go back

Violin is over rates, the viola has the perfect range of notes, not too high, not too low

Great and balanced sound! Expresses emotions in a way most instruments can't!

I love the viola it should be #1 on "Best Instruments"

Its also important in string orchestra group.

It's a bit bigger than the violin but it is not too high or not too low

I love the sound of the beautiful viola.

The viola is different to the violin which makes it unique

I'm obviously putting it here


Viola is the best because it is to high and it isn't to low sounding