Best and Strongest Anime Powers and Abilities

The Top Ten

1 Geass - Code Geass

Think about it anything you whant becomes real 'enough said.

2 Super Saiyan 4 - Dragon Ball GT

It should be number 1 in the list

Come on!
Dragon Ball characters deserve to be 1st imagine that they can destroy a
Planet in just one strike.. Laugh out loud

3 Tsukuyomi - Naruto
4 Final Getsuga Tensho - Bleach

Badasss! Like really badass!

5 Haoshoku Haki - Bleach
6 Alchemy - Fullmetal Alchemist
7 Fairy Law - Fairy Tail

Fairy Law defeats who you identify as the enemy, keeping innocent people unharmed. - Pegasister12

How awesome it is to defeat all those that you think is your enemy in just one magic?

8 Jinchuriki Abilities - Naruto

This is awesome plus Sage mode unstoppable

This + Sage Mode= Unbeatable

9 Haoshoku Haki - One Piece

Any person that is too weak to take this faints like they were in a genjutsu or something. It's like being measured in strength only if you can't take it you'll either lose your will to fight or faint.

10 Alucard - Hellsing Alucard - Hellsing

The Contenders

11 Vectors - Elfen Lied

... it kill anything

12 Black Blood - Soul Eater

It's by far strong!

13 One Punch - One Punch Man
14 GenkiDama - Dragon Ball Z
15 Sharingan - Naruto

How is this not in the top ten. This ability is epic!.

Not that great because if you lose your light you go blind

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16 Gentle Fist - Naruto
17 Rinnegan - Naruto
18 Energy Blast - Dragon Ball Z

Who wouldn't love the power to shoot energy beams from the palm (s) of their hand (s)? I know I would. Great power for any kind of battle.

19 Great Ape - Dragon Ball Z

Who wouldn't love to be able to transform into a giant killer ape and destroy anyone in their way (at least their enemies)?

20 Byakugan - Naruto

These eyes can see anything. What's not to love?

21 Crystal Ice Mirrors - Naruto
22 Puppetmaster Jutsu - Naruto
23 Wind Scythe Jutsu - Naruto
24 Titan Shifter - Attack On Titan
25 Breathing Underwater - One Piece

I have no desire to be a fish, but it would be cool to breathe underwater, just without the use of gills. This is one reason why mermen have such a great advantage underwater. They can breathe underwater so they don't need to hold their breath.

26 Cero - Bleach
27 Devil Fruit - One Piece
28 Galik Gun - Dragon Ball
29 Final Flash - Dragon Ball Z
30 Fire Dragon Slaying Magic - Fairy Tail
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