Best and Strongest Anime Powers and Abilities

The Top Ten

1 Geass - Code Geass

Overpowered if you use it correctly

Think about it anything you whant becomes real 'enough said.


2 Haoshoku Haki - Bleach

Isn't this from one piece

Hold up...

3 Super Saiyan 4 - Dragon Ball GT

It should be number 1 in the list

Come on!
Dragon Ball characters deserve to be 1st imagine that they can destroy a
Planet in just one strike.. Laugh out loud

4 Tsukuyomi - Naruto

You could have to power to destroy a planet but once this hits you its all over

One of the strongest attack you can not dogede it

With it itachi could immobilize many extremely skilled ninja in a second just off of eye contact. When he used it on kakashi who possessed the mangeky┼Ź sharingan and who happened to be an extremely strong ninja and even the sixth hokage(the strongest ninja alive at the time) Since kakashi had the sharingan the genjutsu(basically creating a false reality in someone's mind) effects were dulled but he was in tsukyomi getting stabbed over and over by hundreds of swords with hundreds of bodies of himself for an estimated 1 year and 3 months through his perspective when in reality he was in there for less than 1 second but time was slowed in the genjutsu. Kakashi fainted and was unconscious for I believe 1 week. And keep in mind the effects were dulled because kakashi had a sharingan. Infinite tsukyomi was also use to put every person in naruto in a genjutsu in which they lived theirideal lives the only ninjas not affected by it were sasuke, naruto, Sakura, kakashi and obito and that's ...more

5 Final Getsuga Tensho - Bleach

Badasss! Like really badass!

6 Alchemy - Fullmetal Alchemist
7 Fairy Law - Fairy Tail

Fairy Law defeats who you identify as the enemy, keeping innocent people unharmed. - Pegasister12

How awesome it is to defeat all those that you think is your enemy in just one magic?

8 Alucard - Hellsing Alucard is a fictional character and the protagonist and antihero of the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.
9 One Punch - One Punch Man

Boi it destroys the plot. ENOUGH SAID.

If we go with the theory of Saitama's powers and if Blast and him are the same with their limiters off, then they both have limitless strength and will always one-up each other, but since this is only Saitama then he would have Limitless Strength or unlimited strength.

10 Jinchuriki Abilities - Naruto

This is awesome plus Sage mode unstoppable

This + Sage Mode= Unbeatable

The Contenders

11 Haoshoku Haki - One Piece

Any person that is too weak to take this faints like they were in a genjutsu or something. It's like being measured in strength only if you can't take it you'll either lose your will to fight or faint.

12 Time Stop - Jojo Bizarre Adventure

- If you stop time you can defeat your enemy before he use any other attack that is on this list

13 Vectors - Elfen Lied

... it kill anything

14 Rinnegan - Naruto

Rinnegan is literally more powerful than sharingan

15 Black Blood - Soul Eater

It's by far strong!

16 Sharingan - Naruto

How is this not in the top ten. This ability is epic!.

Not that great because if you lose your light you go blind

Eternal Mankegyou Sharingan, up you go!

17 Half Cold Half Hot - My Hero Academia
18 GenkiDama - Dragon Ball Z
19 Final Flash - Dragon Ball Z
20 Wind Scythe Jutsu - Naruto
21 Cero - Bleach

This is such a cool move in the series. The sound effect also really makes it pop.

22 Gentle Fist - Naruto
23 Vector Manipulation - A Certain Magical Index or Railgun

Can control and manipulate all vectors he comes in touch with! Accelerator is also badass

24 Material Burst - The Irregular at Magic Highschool

By converting matter into energy by act of decomposing and reconstructing this attack can turn a single water droplet into an attack comparable to that of a nuclear warhead

25 Gold Experience Requiem - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Resets any action to zero making it by far the strongest ability in all of anime.

26 All Fiction - Medaka Box

The Ability used by Kumagawa Misogi is basically the ability to make everything nothing.
As shown in one moment in the manga/anime; Kumagawa makes what was once color nothing.
He's also seen making nothing of his death. In other words, if he wishes for it, he can live forever. His ability to make something nothing is, in my opinion, Over Powered.

27 Energy Blast - Dragon Ball Z

Who wouldn't love the power to shoot energy beams from the palm (s) of their hand (s)? I know I would. Great power for any kind of battle.

28 Great Ape - Dragon Ball Z

Who wouldn't love to be able to transform into a giant killer ape and destroy anyone in their way (at least their enemies)?

29 Byakugan - Naruto

These eyes can see anything. What's not to love?

30 Crystal Ice Mirrors - Naruto
31 Puppetmaster Jutsu - Naruto
32 Titan Shifter - Attack On Titan
33 Breathing Underwater - One Piece

I have no desire to be a fish, but it would be cool to breathe underwater, just without the use of gills. This is one reason why mermen have such a great advantage underwater. They can breathe underwater so they don't need to hold their breath.

34 Devil Fruit - One Piece
35 Galik Gun - Dragon Ball
36 Fire Dragon Slaying Magic - Fairy Tail
37 Light Dragon Slaying Magic - Fairy Tail

Very powerful and fast a very good advantage it takes many shapes of movements and It allows the user to also use many type of tricks like unable to make others move it is a very useful power

38 Gura Gura no Mi - One Piece

It can make Earth quakes

39 Hokyogu's Power - Aizen's Current Power

Hokyogu adaptation power immortality and partial wish granting is OP

40 Alpha Stigma - Legend of the Legendary Heroes
41 Busoshoku Haki - One Piece
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