Top 10 Best Stunt Scooter Brands

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These are the best brand. I've gotten a vx5 team and it hasn't let me down at all. Some people that I know had different brands like jd. Bug or sacrifice and theirs snapped in less than a month. So I would recommend this to anyone who is deciding which brand to buy.

I have a mgp, ithe deck is strong en I like the bridging from dech to bar/fork. It never broke on me and its really easy to do tail and heel whips. Many people say they are not so light but I like that. Bri flips are still easy todo on an mgp.

I got a MGP. I love it it is easy to handle. It has a reasonable weight and is practically industutibal. I love my MGP. I would recommend it to new starters or really anyone.

Mgp is very good I just ordered one my self. My friend had one and I tried it out and it was great I suggest getting madd gear nitro end of days.

2 Pheonix

I have just bought a pheonix and it is the best scooter ever. I went to the skatepark, 5 kids told me I really nice bars and one of them asked to swap for a pair of apex bol bars. I rejected, saying I prefer pheonix any day, especially as mine were brand new and his were a year old

MGP must be the most overrated scooter brand ever... Pheonix makes top of the line bars and decks. MGP just puts graphics all over their scooter and over prices them... I suggest phoenix for a rider who rides everyday and loves to scoot

Phoenix are a lot better than mgp because they are lighter and stronger but they do have a higher price. I recommend Phoenix for a more advanced scooter rider.

Phoenix is a way better brand than grit. They may not make a lot of stuff but the parts they make are always the best out there. You can't go wrong with Phoenix.

3 Sacrifice

There is no way to say which is the best because they all specialise in certain parts but id have to say sacrifice for all round full scooter its just awesome. I have a custom stunt scooter trust me custom scooters are BETTER because you can put all the best parts in and I think phoenix are awful!

Sacrifice scooter are the best scooter I've seen and been on! They have a heavy deck which means when going down ramps the scooter doesn't leave the floor. The grips are very soft, if you get a Sacrifice I recommend you get you don't get batwing bars!

Sacrifice scooters are so awesome! They look cool, are light, have great grips, graffiti on the bars and deck, are easy to tail whip, briflip, well recommended and yeah. They are nice and smooth with good bearings and have a good range to customize it.

Sacrifice is a really good brand the bars are really strong, smooth bearings and the wheels are spectacular it's a brilliant scooter but I do not recommend getting it unless you are exsperanced if you have just started I recommend the mgp because it light smooth, however the statistics of sacrifice is just way better.

4 Lucky Scooters

The coolest styles ever! Their scooters are amazingly made right out of the box and definitely come in the best colors! Plus they're pretty cheap!

Lucky scooters last so long because there meant for hardcore pro riders like tanner fox and Cody flom. The wheels are so smooth and the headset lasts so long because of the way lucky makes them

I think lucky should be at the top cause I'f had all of the scooters that are ahead and they broke in about a month and my lucky has almost lasted a year! Vote lucky at the top

Personally most reliable brand, the wheels are smooth, the style is amazing, and last a long time!

5 Grit

I just bought the new grit elite 2013 its us so amazing, its light durable and looks sexy as I would highly suggest this brand to anyone involved in scooting they make great beginner and advanced scooters.

I bought the grit elite it is super light and really strong I highly recommend this brand oh yeah and if there was a rating of all the scooter brands razor would be last because they SUCK!

Grits are awesome I have a grit invader hic it's dope. The headset is great the wheels are so soft so it feels good when you land. Also they are a great price for the best scooter in all pro scooters!.. RATE= 9.5

I love Grit! They are so smooth to ride on and don't make a sound when your riding. They also have good quality strong decks though they are not the lightest.

6 District

I have just got the district V4! It is so light I can finger whip on it! It has nice strong but light deck and bars. Easy to barspin and tailwhip on. It wasn't to expensive compared to phoenixes and lucky's but is still as good. The wheels are brilliant the bearings and AMAZING and so Smooth and fast to ride on. I would really recommend the district V4 it is an awesome scooter and totally worth the price.

District is the but scooter brand ever. But some parts that they make don't do well. Also the mgp that broke on me in 3 weeks. I have one of ever scooter from each maker and I say district is the best of all time. Duces!

District Scooters are the best! One of my friends at the skate park has one, and it's really easy to do anything, jump, really good speed, grind... just overall the best scooter I've ever ridden, more stable than MGP.

Rory coe signature is the best deck you can ever get! It's so strong and durable, and its also very wide for grinds!

7 Blunt

Good clamps decks and bars. Have no problem with the welding and it has not snapped. The grips are so grippy and awesome. I have the blunt complete scooter, and it is the best scooter I ever had. I would definitely recommend this scooter and scooter brand to someone!

Blunts are the best super strong definitely my choice of scooter. Best decks ever super light and super strong. The bars are not only stylish but super strong. They have soft grips but not as soft as odi it have some grip to it. If you are looking for a high qualty scooter to go big or small this is what you want

Best brand in the world! If you are looking for good scoter products make sure you buy Blunt. They not only sell the best, they have the best team of Pro Riders who help in the development of their products.

I've had a blunt scooter for 3 1/2 months and it's a really good scooter. Perfect for whips and spins and I've started learning Bri's now. One complaint about it is on my one the bars are so big so it's quite hard to bar

8 Apex

I have everything apex besides my blunt aosv3 deck and I think it's all sick. Iv seen a few kids with full apex set ups and can't Evan feeble and I'm like... Why

They are the best only the price is very high.

Apex has been making the best scooters for ages and they haven't stopped, If you want a genuine professional quality scooter get an Apex

Quality hand welded decks. Bulletproof

9 Crisp

Crisp is the best for stunting, they're light and very easy to control. I have a crisp and its way better than my old one, a Grit, I defiantly recommend a Crisp for riders that want an excellent scooter!

Got a crisp custom and it's the best scooter ever. Every little detail is perfect and the colours are great.

Crisps are a very good quality scooter. Some say the welding makes them look crap but the welding can hold 1 extra tonne than mgps so you know.

I have a crisp it is so smooth strong and lite easy to do tricks on most epic scooter happy person in the world!

10 Slamm

Slam are the best because they have strong decks, thy look really cool, they are very light and they are a decent price.

Slamm scooters are good quality at a reasonable price. They have good range to choose from depending on your budget.

These scooters are one of the worst of all time. They SUCK.

Slamm scooters have one of the coolest decks and painting and are good to ride for a reason

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11 Envy

Great in every aspect, they have everything from beginner level rating to pro! I love the soul bars, one of the few bars that I've ridden that are super light for being so big.

I have an envy prodigy s7 Neochrome and it's the worlds best scooter in my opinion. So light, durable, smooth, the compression and deck is great and the Neochrome looks unbelievable in real life

I got an envy S4 and IT'S Amazing. I can almost do a finger whip of a small jump when on my old scooter I could barely do a 360.

I usually see a lot of people riding envy scooters. It is a good brand and I think this should be in the top 3.

12 Addict

I've got an adict and their so light and strong. The deck looks better and you stand out because not many people know how good they are.. Maybe a new deck with a metal flex fender instead of plastic would be better..

My favorite deck, they're really light, and they are also really strong.

13 Flavor

If you want something original and strong, Flavor is the way to go. Hipster

Absolutely amazing scooter. great strength and feels really nice to ride

My first scooter was a flavour awakening the bars snapped after a week I couldn't even tail whip

14 Ethic

I think Ethic should be one of the best scooters in the world they look great perform awesome.That's why I'm building up the Ethic Lindworm I just got the deck and got the headset and forks next the handle bars wheels and clamp. the polished deck looks so good the style as well. Can't wait to finish my project. I might be spending a lot of money on it but you get what you pay for excellence. Great product.

Should be near top, Kevin demay did a good job with these scooters.

They are great

15 Hyper

They are epic bearings

16 Fasen

I like fasten because you can go hard core and they won't snap,it's got a good deck for grinding.
I'm about to modify my Fasen Raven.
Yeh, out of 10 I'll give it a 9.99/10.00

I easily snapped mine

Fasen are the best

Once you get its dailed as hell, after a while people rode mine and the head tube had a crack in it but I suggest this scooter is one of the best

17 JD Bug

V1 is great for first scooter because they are light easy to spin and it's not that expensive so your not scared to damage it. Being foldable it easy to put in cars or hold when your are tired or just want to stop.. !

I have one and it's the best scooter ever. Way better than all the others because it is so lightweight. If you want a stunt scooter then get this one because the others are rubbish compared to this!

JD bugs are really good for doing tricks like tail whips plus they are really light and well made.

Fun for everyone.

Jd bugs are ok but there are a lot of better scooters out. They are very cheap but also very very strong.

18 Evolution
19 81 Customs

Great parts strong light they should make a complete scooter!

They are so awesome. I love custom scooters but I have a pheniox

20 Razor

Best scooter I have ever riden the folding deck makes it easy to transport and I did my first bunny hop today and the deck snapped still definitely working.
I will recommended all pro scooter riders to buy and always have a razor as it is the stongest on the market

My first scooter ever but it was good and I am getting a lucky crew complete but I could almost tail whip on it and I can bars pin on it!

Razors are absolute rubbish went up a ramp got about 6. Feet in the air the crappy deck snapped. Waste of money.

I think I'm going to buy a razor. I'm not amazing so it won't break easily best I can do is a 180 or a tail whip.

21 Tilt

I love the head sets

There really bad

22 AO

One of the best scooters

How is ao down here?

This is one of the best scooters I've ever rode and I've done my time

Should be in top 10

23 Titanium
24 Havoc

Havoc should be in the top ten and replace slamm scooters. Trust me I have had 9 scooters a lucky a district an envy a slamm an mpg a razor a flavor a addict and a havoc my favorite is now will always be havoc.

Cheap, awesome, light, fast and a bunch of other great qualities every scooter rider wants. Why not get one?

Very good scooters very light to.

Good supplier! Quality ensure!

25 Vocal

Best scooters yet!

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