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61 Grenade

Those scooters have great decks and there just as good as MGP so don't waste your money and get grenade scooter!

62 Radio Flyer
63 Avigo

Best scooter it's light easy to dial and fun to ride

Are you joking? They have the sh! ttiest decks ever - SoloPotato

64 MX
65 Decibel

I love my decibel, very smooth ride great trick scooter

I need a new scooter badly

66 XT
67 Storm

Not the most expensive but they are great for beginners who don't want to spend too much on their first stunt scooter.

68 Ozzbozz

sucks butt

£30 scooter for anyone willing to pay £30 for a piece of junk that will break on your first drop in.

Nahhh Mate...

69 Cuda

Cuda scooter s are way better then any other brand

70 Nebulus
71 Apollo

Also great for beginners at the tricks park

72 Mod

I have had mine for years, it still works and is not badly damaged

73 Jamster
74 Esco Beat
75 Derify
76 Shaun White Supply. Co

Really nice looking scooters not the best for tricks but awesome for tricks and they're good quality

You just said not good for tricks but awesome for tricks like what

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77 AO

I have an ao epsilon and it is the best street scooter in the world because it has the removeable grind plate on the bottom so its super slippy

This is one of the best scooters I've ever rode and I've done my time

These are amazing how are they here

Should be in top 10

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78 Ruff Scooters
79 Y Fliker
80 Hades

Really good new brand from THE Netherlands.

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