Best Stunt Scooter Drivers

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1 Dakota Schuetz

This guy is EPIC he won the ISA world championship 2013 and is the best scooter video DAKOTA for the win

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2 Ryan Williams

This guy is AMAZING. Tech, bangers, street or park, he never fails to impress me. I can't believe he's 4th after his stunning peformanace at Jamo Jam 4!

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3 Daniel Lyons V 1 Comment
4 BenJ Friant
5 Terry Price
6 Max Peters
7 Sacha Griffith
8 Corey Funk
9 Tanner Marley
10 Petr Machacek

The Contenders

11 Jara "Mini"
12 Richard Zelinka
13 Jason Beggs
14 Jess Boland
15 George Gartlehner
16 Jed Adams

He's made me a stunt man with his op moves

17 John Radtke
18 Hunter Schuetz V 1 Comment
19 James Gee
20 Kenny Griffin
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1. Daniel Lyons
2. Dakota Schuetz
3. Sacha Griffith



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