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Now this isn't sprinkler or worm.(FYI if you think the sprinkler or worm are dance go take lessons! I mean what are you waiting for?) This is jazz, lyrical, hiphop. FYI If you're not a dancer now or well if you "thought" you were as in sprinkler, you CAN still try it. In dance youre never too old or young to learn in dance age doesn't matter only the dance does.

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1 Ballet

So this is a really funny story somewhat related with ballet. We were at a performance and about to go on stage when these other people showed up and started saying that they had booked our dressing room. We were saying that they had no authority to do that and the only person who did was our director, Ms. Paula. They were saying kind of sarcastically that they were scared we were going to be kicked or trampled. Honestly, who spends half their life in a ballet studio and doesn't know how to avoid kicks? In the end we had to move to the leaky hallway because we thought that they would have discarded our things and took over our dressing room by the time we got back from stage.

"Do you just love to do ballet do you do it every day demi plea point your toes".

Ballet is the only sport that uses all of your muscles. It's really true.

Ballet is really slow and graceful. There isn't much movement and it's just elegant and beautiful

2 Hip Hop

Hip hop is a type of dance that you will have heaps of fun and burn all that energy. It's easy and can make a really good show to watch

Totally this dance is great

It is fun to do

I love hip hop dancing, you can do so much with it and you just move to the song its just absolutely amazing

3 Lyrical

express with a mix of jazz and ballet.

That type of dance is dance to music with lyrics

4 Contemporary

I do contemporary and love it. Most dances such as jazz and whatnot focus on shapes, whereas contemporary is the in-between of those shapes.

Contemporary might be a combo of fast and slow but your movement can be soft or sharp

Contemporary dace seems really fun and I would love to start.

Love contemporary. It's like every modern dance style mashed into one.

5 Tap

It is upbeat and really fun and you just can move with your feet and have a good time.

Tap is great and It's really fun, once you pick up the main idea it's really fun and enjoyable!

Tap tap tap tap really fun

Come hit me up! jump shuffle pick up toe!

6 Modern Lyrical
7 Freestyle

Everybody dance now! (Maybe throw in one sprinkler but at dance class so not cool!) Shut up and dance!

Freestyle is a dance that just lets you express your feelings in a whole bunch of different ways

1-2-3... DAB

8 Musical Theater


9 Jazz

Jazz is the best. I take 5 dance classes a week, and 2 are Jazz. At my last competition I got tenth for jazz, and that is what this is. We do NOT deserve this! Ballet sucks anyway

There are a lot of different Jazz styles. For example Broadway Jazz, Classical Jazz, Modern jazz. Also a lot of the time you will hear the word WERK a lot. I have one thing to say you better WERK.

It's just the best!

Are you all that jazz? shimmy shimmy stag triple piroquette. Need a good song?

10 Irish

Irish Dance is one of the hardest types and dance and one of the most fun. It's hard, trying to stand on your tippy toes while your arms are straight by your side and your pasture is perfect while your feet are arched and turned out the whole time. And with hard shoe, you have to very fast feet and incredible timing. It's also one of the most competitive sports. There's 6 different levels where in order to move up you have to place 1st out of 6 or more people. Irish dance is also probably the most expensive, from $2500 designer solo dresses, to shoes that are over $100 and wigs and hair accessories that cost a lot too. You also have to pay to compete, you have to pay for hotels and for air / fair, gas, etc. It's a very competitive sport, with regionals, nationals, and worlds. And you get no money for either. But what you do get is incredible muscular legs, thousands of awards, friends that will last a life time, and most importantly, being able to do something that is so much ...more

Irish dancing is one of the most painful types of dance I know (and I've done them all) you fly in the air and land on one foot and go onto a move that you shift your body weight on your ankles from side to side. irish dance isn't just about the show of the dance but the rhythm and beats and one little mistake can take your from the world champion to not. irish dance gets over looked because its not as popular as the other dances but its 100x the work.

I do Irish dancing and I love it it is fun however it is very hard. You don't just do the moves you must have your arms behind you by your side you must be on your toes you must turn your feet out and cross. There is a lot to focus on but makes it even more fun. One of my favourite types of dancing totally worth trying or watching really good and looks amazing

I do Irish dance and it is really hard. you have to say up on your toes the whole time. My dance lessons are an hour and a half and we dance the whole time. It is hard but fun.

The Contenders

11 Clogging

Clogging is the funnest, fastest, most enjoyable style. I absolutely love it!

It is AWESOME always a winner in my mind. #1!

12 Break

Tried it for 2 months and really enjoyed it

So sharp and in with it

Bboying is incredibly difficult. Harder than any dance style, except for ballet.

Best style

13 Salsa

You're crazy. Salsa is the dance of life its amazing. Number one no matter what this list says.

Fast or slower an excellent work out ;-)

14 Argentine Tango
15 Irish Stepdance
16 Modern

I did it as a after school activity and it is not as easy as most think!

17 Disco

Eye of the tiger! Yes disco is dancing!

One of my favorites. Great music - great moves!

18 Scottish Country Dance
19 Showdance

I do show dance musical theatre 🎭 dance 💃 and acro dance 💃 and I love 💖 them so much

20 Paso Doble

Fierce like a bull! You have to be keen!

This is such a sexy dance when done properly!

21 Highland

Highland dance is one of the hardest dance styles out there. Irish is also very hard but much more well known than highland. As a highland dancer I'm constantly asked "is that like the river dance? " Or "Are you an Irish dancer? " And when I show people what I do they try to copy me and look horrible trying and telling me that's exactly what I did. Well if it is then I've got a major problem.

It's better than Irish. 'enough said.

No, Irish is the best!

22 Ball Room
23 Cha Cha
24 Acrobatic

I've been doing acro since I was 2 now I'm 13 I've won multiple titles my favorite style I've ever competited in

It is one of the most popular styles of dance and very complicated. One of my favorites

25 Bollywood

Such an exciting dance when done with all the complicated moves!

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