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21 Disco

Eye of the tiger! Yes disco is dancing!

One of my favorites. Great music - great moves!

22 Ball Room
23 Samba
24 Robot Dance V 1 Comment
25 Showdance
26 Tarantella
27 B-boying
28 Swing
29 Strip Tease
30 Belly Dancing
31 Bharata Natyam

One of the best dance forms having awesome visual and showing love towards Indian culture and the earth itself dressed beautifully with a whole lot of ornaments. If u don't know or have seen this style must watch it!

The dance itself is spirituality and no other dance had the pride of god himself performes it.

English pesnalu Tamilan the translation if we talk English also we are pur Tamilian

32 Acrobatic

It is one of the most popular styles of dance and very complicated. One of my favorites

33 Modern Jazz
34 Kathak

A beautiful North Indian dance form. Love it...

V 1 Comment
35 Bollywood

Such an exciting dance when done with all the complicated moves!

36 Country and Western
37 Russian Polka
38 Techno
39 Hoop Dance
40 Melbourne Shuffle

Very good footwork based dance

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