Best Sub Machine Guns In Call of Duty: Black Ops


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1 AK74u

If you like the AK-47 but want it smaller and much more mobile, then this is AK-74u

This gun is SO good that it can even beat most of the assault rifles

Quick and damaging epic for rushing

Great gun very accurate

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2 MP5K

Gun is just breath taking when you use it it is just amazing if I were to pick a gun it would be this one its light you run really quickly with it and it's so good

Best smg got it gold looks beast rapid fire and red dot and the plus reticle= unstopable

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3 Spectre

Not tons of ammo but rapid fire And grip help. Its a pizza cutter when aimed down range.

Fast rate of fire, low recoil, moderate damage, good accuracy, 45 rounds, and very good look (In my opinion, also the name is cool).

This is my favorite of the ones I have tried. It kills faster than a rabid cheetah. It also works great w/ the silencer, my favorite attachment.

Rapid fire + SOH. Beast gun and can take out even three opponents at once if they are close enough together.

4 Uzi

Once You learn how to control it become a true weapon of mass destructoin killing faster than anything Ive ever seen before. Sadly it awefully underrated.

Love it because the Uzi is a real gun!

Just gotta know how to use it and when you do you won't regret it.
UZI for the win

5 MAC11

If you are in any spot of trouble ask your friend the MAC11

Horrible horrible gun. Sure it had low kick, even though it had like none for the marshmellows that thing shot it wasn't worth that. It's ttk is ok a knifing range, but it blows through its clip after 1 gun fight, you gotta reload and reload after every engagement and its reload time is not very fast. It is insanely inaccurate and sucks at killing. Easily one of if not the worst weapon in Call of Duty HISTORY. I question why this is #5 on the list


Why does everyone use the same guns?! Try this gun for a couple of matches with rapid fire and slight of hand, just constantly hip fire and you will have a new favourite gun.

This gun is flatout great when it comes to rapid fire and grip. - disturbedbomb

This gun with rapid fire and grip is no much fun to use, if they're close enough theyll be dead before you know it. Just gotta take smart routes so you're never too far away from people.

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7 Skorpion

Got gold dual wielded scorpions. Very nice!

8 PM63

Excellent fire rate, accuracy, reload speed, cosmetics, and performance.
Extremely underrated in my opinion.

9 Kiparis

It's an elite gun with practically no weaknesses and a wide variety of strengths: close power to ak47u, much faster fire rate, and a much larger magazine than ak47u.

Same thing as the AK basically, except a higher accuracy, and fire rate. Notch less damage.

10 Sten Mk II V 1 Comment

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11 MP-40

Best smg hands down. Mp40 drum mag juggernaut and steady aim and it was all over. You could literally shoot this thing for 3 minutes straight, forget aiming down hip fire all the way.

12 Thompson
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