Best Sub Machine Guns In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


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1 UMP45

The gun has the power of an assault rifle, but much more mobile and pretty accurate. Just aim at the legs and let the recoil take you to the head. The recoil goes only up and no other direction.

The UMP45 is definitely the best gun in the game. It is a very powerful gun that has a good range on it, you can fire it from long range and also short range. Also this gun is very highly accurate.

This gun suck horrible rapid fire

The best gun in the game by a long shot. truely amazing.

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2 P90

The P90 is so good especially because of its great power and its amazing clip size. Just slap scavenger on this beast and it's a mini light machine gun! The second best is UMP45 but its not as reliable as the P90.


3 Mini-Uzi

It’s a mini uzi man

4 Vector

Why is the Vector last?

5 MP5K

MP5K owns every one with rapid fire! play cod one of the best games ever made. - fallout

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6 AK-47

Owns rapid fire and accuracy.

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