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41 American-180
42 MP7
43 AEK-919K Kashtan
44 Lusa A2
45 PDW 57

Someone has been playing too much bo2

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46 F1

Replaced Oween Gun in 1970's double sided top loaded magazine of 34 9mm rounds. Fired from open breech position, same controls and pistol grip as SLR (FN-FAL) slow rate of fire, good trigger control - burst control. Can be fitted with bayonet and sling. use low to ground or cover As magazine not in the way, quickest to reload amongst SMG's. Just tuck it in your armpit and it points naturally, paralel to the ground. Fitted with pitcanney rails and would still hold it's ground with lights & laser.

47 Skorpion vz. 61

A great SMG first produced in 1959 in chekslovacia (If I spelt that correctly.

48 UMP-9
49 PM-63 RAK

Looks like an alien and fires faster than a lot of other sub machine guns, it's vicious

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