Best Sugababes Songs

The big English pop girl group, Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen.

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1 Push the Button

This is the best Sugababes song and one of the best pop songs of the century!

Certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry, having sold over 430,000 million copies - MatrixGuy

2 About You Now

One of the biggest sugababes song! Very catchy and cool.

Love this song.. Really catchy and a great meaning to the song. Love the beats.

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3 Freak Like Me

Should be top of the list... it was their first big hit and is still their best song to date.

4 Ace Reject

Probably one of their best songs.. A shame this has never been released as a single! Although I've heard the single version, which is poor compared to the album version.

The best Sugababes song to never be released as a single. - pazampogna

This perfectly describes the progression of all my relationships.

5 Stronger

Really nice song! GOOD JOB Sugababes!

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6 Too Lost In You

Am too lost in you.. Caught in you.. Oohh.. I just love the lyrics! The melody is awesome too

Perfect vocals. Easy winner for me.

M too lost in this song...

Amazing song, amazing voices, amazing mutya X

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7 Hole in the Head

Sexy as hell and such fun

8 Red Dress

Kicks Ass

9 Conversation's Over V 1 Comment
10 Get Sexy

It's a real sexy song. I like it

The Contenders

11 About a Girl

This is a song about freedom and such and it's a great song. Very catchy and the lyrics are really nice, love this.

12 Denial

The song itself has the personality of a beautiful person.

13 Overload

I Love Overload with Original Sugababes! That's magic


14 Ugly

This song is inspirational. :)
There are times when I just feel like I need to hear this song to make me feel better about myself. It's a song about self-motivation, confidence and compassion.
I hope that this song reaches out to you all as much as it does to me.

Ugly is beautiful

15 Round Round

Love. Mutual, so hair. And. The video

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16 In the Middle

One of the most straightforward pop songs of the 2000s!

17 Easy
18 Wear My Kiss
19 Caught In a Moment

I bet should be their top 10

20 Change
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1. Ace Reject
2. Freak Like Me
3. Stronger
1. Push the Button
2. About You Now
3. Denial
1. In the Middle
2. Hole in the Head
3. Ugly



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