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21 Cease to Exist V 1 Comment
22 ... and Then She Bled
23 Suffer
24 Green Monster
25 No Time to Bleed
26 The Disease
27 Eyes Sewn Shut
28 Your Creations

This song is the best it's about killing people who hurt children it's the best

29 Girl of Glass
30 Wasted
31 The Fallen

A beautiful kind of nonstop noise..

32 Sacred Words

Amazing song with amazing vocals and meaningful lyrics! Definitely my favorite from the new Album

33 Don't Die

This should be in the top 10. The lyrics are basically one of the best things. You can hear the emotion how truthful they are of keeping us alive. Is one of their strongest and deepest songs, in my opinion and it deserves to be up there.

Indeed, this must be in top ten for sure! Great lyrics and superb riffs.

V 1 Comment
34 The Only Thing that Sets Apart

I can't believe that this song isn't up there! Its one of their best! Its amazing

35 Human Violence
36 Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)

This is one of the best covers I have ever heard.

37 Control

Proof that Cannibal corpse and Suicide Silence go hand in hand. This song has a badass riff, amazing Shrieks and Growls, and Corpsegrinder's Part makes me growl along every time! BRUTAL! M/

38 Misleading Milligrams
39 In a Photograph

Can't believe that this song is not in top ten... I really Love this song. This is their best song man! The Lyrics is amazing.

The list disappoints me.

40 March to the Black Crown
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