Best Suitman's Survivor Generation II Seasons

Here is a list of Second Generation Suitman's Survivor seasons that people can rank for themselves. After each season ends, it will be added to this list. The initial list was the host Suitman's opinion of the first four seasons.

The Top Ten

1 Saint Lucia

SUITMAN: What a classic season with a classy cast. This season proves that having the Back to Basics makes the game so natural and real. Everything that happened this season was down to the decisions of the castaways alone, and it left us with one of my favorite ever final twos - Nick and Reynold. Anse la Raye will forever be remembered as "that cluster tribe with the classy name".

2 Brazil

SUITMAN: This season was fantastic both pre-merge and post-merge. It had drama right from the first tribal with Ryan, to the final vote with Derek and Chris. The season was anything but straightforward, and we had some great characters in Derek, Missy, Dylan, Colleen and goddess Janey. The final two was funny too because of Chris fake claiming to be a powerplayer and Derek having one of the best, most unlikely underdog stories ever.

3 Mongolia

SUITMAN: This season will probably be underrated by many people, and I guess some of it is justified - the final four were pretty unlikeable. However it gets a lot of hate for what was. In my opinion it was a decent season. The cast perhaps wasn't the best but we got a couple of decent blindsides out of it with Ashley and Cory. Tyler and Ty probably won't be a memorable final two as we go down the seasons, but, hey, it was a pretty good start to the second gen.

4 Great Britain

SUITMAN: This season wasn't a very good one at all really. There were one or two good moments nearer the end with Etaco, Alyxandra and Adam and his whiteboard, but other than that it was a crappy season with a bad final two of Kiko and Adam, and a crappy pagonging of Buckingham, who could have been a Kerait-like tribe if they were in power (as in they would have tried to stick together even though there were structural problems). Could have been a great season but didn't deliver.

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