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1 Does This Look Infected?

A perfect punk album. This album got me through some tough times so itll always be my favourite

Perfectly raw and powerful. A much more mature release than All Killer no Filler.

This is a much better album than chuck, chuck is an Elmo album with 2 good songs whilst does this look infected has so many good songs with great guitar riffs, brilliant vocals and the hell song, still waiting and over my head three brilliantly made songs

The most raw of their releases. It seems even more raw than Half Hour of Power. Seems to be influenced by thrash, and the song titles are genius. The most punk of all their releases.

2 Chuck

Chuck is definitely their best work, both lyrically and musically. It's an almost metal album, so I understand how pop punk fans would not appreciate it, but everything about Chuck, from setting the atmosphere to delivering their feelings of anger and frustration makes it their best album, by far.

Definitely deserves the number one spot. An absolutely phenomenal album. Songs like We're all to blame, and 88 and absolute classics.

i'm pretty picky with my music, usually only liking maybe half of the songs on an album, no matter what the band. But I can listen to pretty much this entire album and love every song (The only two other albums like this for me are American Idiot, and Absolution).

Honestly their best album, with some of their greatest songs.


This album delivers the best of everything from Sum 41. For example it has some of the most powerful and heavy songs in their whole discography (ex. We're All to Blame, No Reason) while also delivering some of the most serene and beautiful tracks (ex. Pieces, No Solution). Anyways, besides containing some of their most skillful and awesome tracks, this album was one of the turning points from from silly to serious, which completely affected everything from their lyrical content to their general sounds.

Because this album was one of their best and most influential, I would opt for this to be at number 1.

I still listen to this album since 2004 and it won't get old to me... it's not just the best Sum 41 album but overall I think it's the best album out there and I don't really think that anyone will top this one. so Go Chuck Yourself

3 All Killer, No Filler

All killer no filler literally

This is just A fun album that I keep coming back to,in my opinion this album has the best songs from Sum 41

This is my least favorite it makes me so mad that people can't see that does this look infected and chuck and even underclass hero were better albums not my opinion this is the most generic and all the songs sound the same and most repetitive and simplistic face it most overrated sum 41 album

The name said it all, fat lip is definitely the best sum 41 song and in too deep is good as well but I think that does this look infected? Should be number two

4 Screaming Bloody Murder

An Absolutely masterful melodic hardcore album showcasing how diverse the band can get from their classic pop punk work. It's Heavy, Badass, And Really Showcases the bands darker side. My favorite of theirs. Best Songs: Blood in my Eyes, Jessica Kill, Hapiness Machine, What Am I To Say, Crash (Really Deep), and of course their masterpiece, Screaming Bloody Murder! Oh Yeah.

At first I didn't want to listen to the album cause I was afraid it would be too different frome the other albums. However a couple months later I did buy it and I LOVED it. It had great songs, it is a bit less pop and more punk and the sound overall is just great. Blood in my eyes is now my favorite song off all times.

I probably can't judge this, but I love Time For You To Go and Jessica Kill. Time For You To Go, is my favorite song by Sum 41. - Jammer196

Best sum 41 album to date
One of the best albums ever made

5 Half Hour of Power

I know it has the least singles but come on these are all solid songs, they have dome of the best riffs and lyrics ever and I think it deserves more

I think this album is kinda bland to be honest - OnlyInDreams

6 Underclass Hero

This is obviously the best album by Sum 41, with walking disaster, Best of me, speak of the devil, Underclass hero, With me... and every single single song in this album is just.. AWESOME! Sum 41 is the best band ever! nothing to say about that!
Chuck, All Killer no Filler, Does this look infected, are very good, but this one is the best one, for sure! :)

I've always loved every Sum 41 album. This album was the last one I heard by them because not as popular as the others. Which is sad.. Because this album showed meaning in every song from start to finish. This album shows what reality is like for those who are stuck in the hardest times. This is by far not only the best Sum 41 album ever, but possibly the best album ever! However, not my favorite band.. Top 3 though. Blink-182 will always be my number one!

Come on people, let's be honest here Chuck was great but it was more or less Alternative Metal than Punk. This is more Punk. Best songs are: With Me, Walking Disaster, Confusing and Frustration, Underclass Hero, Speak Of The Devil, March Of The Dogs and Best Of Me. That's 7 good songs on one disc! The rest aren't bad either by the way.

What is wrong with you people? Voting All Killer, No Filler and Does This Look Infected? Above Underclass Hero and Chuck?! Those had some good songs but were overall average songs compared to their later work.

7 13 Voices

This was a very good album. It had 3 great singles and 3 great guitarists. songs such as a murder of crows, the fall and the rise, damn I'm dead again, and twisted by design also caught my eye they combined old sound with new sounds and it is amazing. I would say this is their best album.

Best line up they have had since chuck

I like this album a lot, almost as good as Chuck

Great return album - The8Bit

8 All the Good S***: 14 Solid Gold Hits, 2001-2008

How can this NOT be first!? It has most of their best songs on it like In Too Deep, With Me, Still Waiting, Hell Song, Fat Lip etc.

I like the new song "always"

9 Does This Look Infected Too?

Average ep

10 Go Chuck Yourself

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11 Order in Decline

Voting so it goes up with the others

Best Album in years!

Definitely one of their best jobs!

Amazing album really has to join the top 5 at least

12 Rock Out With Your C*** Out
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