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21 Crazy Amanda Bunkface Crazy Amanda Bunkface

The best Sum 41's song. Listen it, you're ain't gonna be deceived.

22 Jessica Kill Jessica Kill

How is this not higher up?! Seriously this is an amazing song best one on the album! Fantastic tune here!

I agree this should be higher, this song rocks, well SUM 41 songs rock, but still this song deserves a higher place..

23 The Jester The Jester

This song is kick ass! How is it that not many people have heard it?

Dude, the Jester is amazing. Have you heard it?

24 Blood in My Eyes Blood in My Eyes

Have you heard this solo? The best guitar solo I've ever heard

What this song is in no. 30...this is one of the best production of sum41 with great rhythm any solo...

Number 31?
At least it should be at the top 10
Come on people please vote

The best rift made in the album and even the band.

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25 Noots Noots

Very UNDERRATED! Should be in the top 5 in this list! Great lyrics, nice beat and good vocals! Vote for this awesome song!

I can't understand how this is not only not on the list but it's not #1! Maybe it's just not one of their more well known songs but definitely the best along with still waiting.

This song should be at #1 for sure. No other song compares besides maybe pieces but this should be at least top 5 not 24!


Awesome song, the most Underrated ever

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26 Thanks For Nothing Thanks For Nothing

It took a little bit, but this song has stood out as my favorite song by Sum 41. I don't know what it is, but I just love everything about it. Surprised others don't feel the same

This is like Fat Lip version 2.0 (just not quite as good but still a very good song in my opinion). One of the best songs from Sum 41's best album in my opinion.

Do my eyes deceive me?! I understand the above songs are very good but come on this song is much better then Noots or Underclass Hero. The chorus just flows so well and is very catchy. A must listen too.

Definitely my favorite song by Sum 41. Just barely edges out Better off dead, hell song, and pain for pleasure.

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27 The Bitter End The Bitter End

I don't understand how this song isn't even on the list. It's so aggressive it should be at least considered. It's amazing, and the guitar shredding tops it off. This may even be their most difficult song

This song just kicks asses, no big difference with the greatest heavy metal bands!
This is not the tipical teen agers song, this guys grew up to play this track!

The real Sum 41 with their primal inspiration : Metallica. This song reminds me of Metallica's song Battery. Just listen to the solos, it's incredible!

Its just so crazy and good man! My favourite

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28 I'm Not the One I'm Not the One

I listen to this song everyday. It's absolutely awesome! This song needs to be in the top 5! Sum 41 is the Best!

#26... This list is so wrong Does This Look Infected and Chuck are their best and most raw albums, why are they so low?

I am in love with this song! I Listen to it Everyday. Sum 41 is the best!

This list is so wrong. All their popiest songs are up top while they're bed work isn't on here at all. Smh.

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29 King of Contradiction King of Contradiction
30 Machine Gun Machine Gun

Very good song! Typically for sum 41

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31 Summer Summer

It's not in what you do more in what you say... Best lyric!

THE original Sum 41 song. Still love it.

32 Baby You Don't Wanna Know Baby You Don't Wanna Know

Are you kidding me? This song is brilliant! Should be in the top 10!

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33 Grab the Devil by the Horns and F*** Him Up the A** V 1 Comment
34 My Direction My Direction

How is this song so low. Its very catchy, original, meaningful, and it combines elements from all killer no filler, and does this look infected. This is in my top 5 favorites. Vote for this song.

This deserves to be in the top ten, definitely

35 Handle This Handle This

This song is a solid A. So much energy in it and great and meaningful lyrics. Guitar licks are great in it as well.

This needs to be at least on the top 15's! Love everything about this song. The lyrics, the band, the instruments, and the early 2000's sound. This song strikes me right in the nostalgia of my early childhood.

So much raw energy in the intro. Just makes you want to jump around and punch the air. Can't help but be excited when I hear this song.

Awesome guitar solo. great heartfelt lyrics. And differs from the other material on all killer no filler. Although the other tracks on this record are great, this song is excellent

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36 There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood
37 Rhythms Rhythms

I know it's not one of their more famous songs but I love it. Definitely should be top 15

This song is seriously one of the best I've ever heard it should be higher

This belongs in the top ten at least, it has to be their most underrated song. - EthansProfile

38 What We're All About What We're All About

This is my favourite Sum 41 song. The instrumentals are great and the vocals are so catchy, it's not even funny. "Pledge allegiance to Sum, the new kings of rock"

I don't believe this... How can this be... Do you stupid kids even KNOW this song!? This is old school SUM 41, old school PUNK ROCK. The chorus alone puts this in the top 15:
Rock! It's what we're all about
It's what we live for
C'mon shout it out


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39 Crash Crash

I mean, sure mabe not top 3, or even top 10, but this song is the most touching piece of music ever (EVER) written, and is a definite top twenty.
Anyone try to tell me that these lyrics aren't touching, you try getting divorced and see just how closely this song applies.

I don't want to be the typical guy in love with this song. I wanna to be the guy who puts this song in the first place. Sum 41 farted a very beautiful song called "Crash". I never heard something as beautiful as this song. Piano, lyric, voice... What the hell else? Thank you Sum 41, Thank you.

Where exactly this song stands, I'm not sure, but definitely a LOT higher than this. This song is incredibly deep and touching and it is a beautiful change of pace for the band.

34? This is my favorite one!

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40 Holy Image of Lies Holy Image of Lies

This song is so amazing the second half would be beast live. The end is so epic each time I hear it it makes me smile and think everything is possible - pageg

How are Jessica Kill, Skumf and Blood In My Eyes better than this!? The second half of this song is the best bit of music in the entire album! Should be in the top 15 at least! Listen and vote!

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