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81 All She's Got

Really good song. One of their first song!

I think this song has something "true", for me that the real Sum 41 style.

This song should be in the top 20 at least. Love this song! - caseyk1218

Holy ! What is this song doing down here?
I think its pretty good. Not very popular, but pretty good.

82 Welcome to Hell V 1 Comment
83 A Dark Road Out of Hell

What? This song is so good, how can it be after some songs that aren't even on any of their studio albums?

This song is just one of their best songs! How can it be the 86th one?

84 All Messed Up

How is this not on the list? One of the best songs from the best album ever.

85 Introduction to Destruction

It's the best, and funniest intro to an album EVER made. Perfection, I'd say.

86 How You Remind Me

I still prefer the Nickelback version but that's a cool cover!

87 Ma Poubelle

It's so a funny song, lyrics are not very interesting but it still pleasant to listen!

88 Moron
89 Another Time Around
90 Happiness Machine

Sure maybe not top 10, but this song is AMAZING!

91 32 Ways to Die
92 Better Days
93 T.H.T.
94 Astronaut

Is kinda... Innocent. But, in a good way. It's message is to live your dreams, no matter what people tell you

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