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1 Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry is the hit! The hottest song of Super Junior who makes Super Junior famous in all corners of the world! This song is so complex with the easy listening music and lyric combined with awesome choreography!

It has got to be "Sorry, Sorry. " This song has everything. It is super catchy, has awesome dance moves, and of course... IT IS BY SUPER JUNIOR! It is their best song and you should listen to it anytime, anywhere. SUPER JUNIOR FOREVER!

It�'s THEIR song, that song that opened a new KPOP era Super JUnior and ELF fighting We are the best, nobody can beat us I�'ts not an "end" it�'s an "and"~

For those of you who think sorry sorry is some boring typical slow song I have to tell u: suju songs aren't typical and sorry sorry is fast paced and SUPER CATCHY ^.^

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2 Mr. Simple

Mr. Simple is awesome (SUPER AWESOME) and you should listen to it! Everyone of Super Junior's songs are great, but in my opinion, Mr. Simple is the best! It is really catchy and a great song to dance to with your best buds anytime and anywhere!



Why I Love Mr. Simple? Because:
1. Their dance moves. It's really inspiring me.
2. Because the lyrics. They are you absolutely amazing.
3. All of them got a part to sing there.
Well, that's all for me. Thank You.

Sorry Sorry is the most iconic.. but Mr. Simple is my life k? - TiffanyHwang

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3 Bonamana

Seriously, Bonamana must be the number 1 song because it has everything! It's catchy, fast and I'm totally awestruck at the lyrics! It has great meaning!

This is the song that made me love SJ. It was the first song I ever heard by them, and it's my favorite by them to this day. I'm always humming it!

Need Any Reasons? It the Best Of The Best... Amazing and Cool
Dance Steps To Be Rank As The Champion Of The World. Bonamana, You Are The Apple Of My Eye!

Song stuck my head because it is that good!

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4 Sexy, Free & Single

Wow, this song was perfectly awesome, I'm really admired their dance

This may be my favourite song ^^ I really enjoy this song and every time I listen to it, I always want to dance and I feel like powerful And it's with this song that I discovered each member of Super Junior!

I really love this song and the MV is also cool! Perfect! Super Junior daebak! Their voice is so cool! SJ daebak!

I love this song so much. I used to listen to it on a daily

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5 No Other

I love this song. It's what got me hook on this group. It's my favorite song out of them all and I'm surprised it's not higher.

Where's no other. That song is what got me hooked on this group.

Lyric, music, dance, and their smile to all fans :) PERFECT!


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6 It's You

Isn't the title just so comforting and inviting? I could play the replay button all day!

I love other songs like Mr Simple, No Other and even their biggest hit, Sorry Sorry. But when I listened to this song, I immediately got hooked on to the tune and lyrics and I realized that my heart can calm down just by listening to the song. It's really comforting to just see the song title, because their talking about "You".

Simply nice. You can relax with this song playing. Even if I don't understand it, I love it very musch. The tune and the beat are all nice and so is the video clip.

It's just a perfect song

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7 Superman

This song is just AMAZING! It carries such a BIG POWER I love the lyric. THE LAST MAN STANDING

THE LAST MAN STANDING! This song shows the whole world why they're KINGS!

I always have a goosebumps every time I Listen to the live performance.
I believe, the beginning of SUPER JUNIOR' ERA as a LEGEND is Sorry Sorry.
But I can't help, I fall for Superman which presents Super Junior as The Last Man Standing.
Hope that they sing more sing like this one.

This is clearly not just a song... I would call it an ANTHEM
Anyway, when most other currently famous Kpop bands have to enlist Suju will have completely finished their cycle and can once again take their throne as one of the Kings of Kpop, I want them to sing this song at every milestone they cross.
15, 20, 25 yrs until they last longer than any Kpop group. I'd really like to ear this verse once again:

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8 Don't Don

Perfect for the taekwondo demonstration song background

I LOVE RAPS but SuperMan is not in the top ten WHY?

I love this song because they look handsome...

Great song great mv great style, they all look hot in it. I miss their old days with Hangeng & Heechul - iloveso2baby

9 A-Cha

I love this song. It's really catchy and can get stuck in my head all day. I really love "Bittersweet" but when it comes to dance-type songs, this is my favorite.

Music Super Junior are all beautiful

Although I do love songs like Mr. Simple, Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, and It's You, Acha was the first Super Junior song that I became obsessed with. I don't know why, I just thought the beat was perfect, also the boys looked good & I loved the beginning part of the song. My most favorite part was when Eunhyuk was like "Oh my gosh... " lol.

I love this song it catch my heart^^ seyha luwon

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10 Opera

This song is so CATCHY! When I heard about the song I thought it was a real opera song laugh out loud! But no! I JUST LOVE IT!

The first time I heard this, I immediately fell in love with this. Now the release Japanese MV but short version but will release full version in 9th May (which I heard) Super Junior FIGHTING!

This song is beyond amazing. I've loved it from the first time I heard it. There is no song I like better than this! Love it!

This song show their handsome-ness and charisma very well.

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11 Boom Boom

I just love this song... This song is too cool and sexy I wanted a mv for this one but some company didn't make one

This song is so sexy and Kyuhyun's voice in the beginning makes me want to melt...

Kyuhyun's line is the best.

It is the most sexy song that make you move.Well,if you guys need happiness please listen to this song.Your heart will BOOM BOOM

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12 From U

Well, maybe not many people know this song because it's new. But, this song are special 'cause Super Junior sang this to us! ELF!

The new song just for E.L.F. in the Super Junior 6th album. This song expresses Super Junior and their love for E.L.F. let's hope that all E.L.F. will come to love the song our oppas made for us1!

This song is my favourite I love this song

This song is just 4 ELF I love THis SONG... Especially the meaning..

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13 Sorry, Sorry (Answer)

Awesome song of the mightiest SUPER JUNIOR. So fab and I love this song, for me sorry sorry and answer ver. both should be in #number 1 This song once plays in my playlist, continues for days playing thousand times at a go. That much I love this song :-)

14 Why I Like You
15 Break Down

The best song for Super Junior-M

Music Super Junior are all beautiful

Like like like

De lo mejor super

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16 Cooking Cooking
17 Spy

Because eunhyuk is super hot and handsome in this song..

Really catchy and upbeat

The music is a BOMB

Their best song deserves every grammy award when will everyone call it their best song

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18 Swing

Swing never never give up!

I wish I could dance like them but anytime I hear this I break out dancing! :D


19 Super Girl

It has hannie in it plus the dance is so addictive! Should be in the top 10 though.. I love the chinese ver rather than the korean ver

First I watched this song just to find my Lovely Jessica but later I got addicted to this song

Its have the best members like donghae and kyuhyne and siwon plus hanry
I'm very surprised that's its not in top 10

20 Marry U

This is such a sweet song. Ryeowook's vocals really stand out in this song. I also really liked the way the song flowed, and the music video is priceless. Not many are aware of this song, mainly because it is clouded by their main hits like Mr. Simple and Bonamana, but it's still the best to me

I just love this song! I have heard both the Japanese and Korean version and they are awesome! Lyrics are wonderful also...
It is one of my all time Favorite. It has a very sweet tone and the rap side is also quite good! Awesome song by SuJu. Please vote for this one!

I love this one! This is the second song I heard from SUJU. It's wonderful!

Marry U ㅠ.ㅠ..I love this song

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