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21 Too Perfect
22 Miracle

This is the first song I've heard from SJ and which made me fall in love with them. This song is also my all-time favorite.

23 Mamacita

It is the latest song and I think it is really great looking forward to the new song in july love super junior and I will continue to forever

I love this songs and their dance especially eunhyuk and donghae. Well done guys

Released on 29 th Aug 2014. Just love their new Mexican style and attitude...

MAMACITA is gold <3 love this song so much and it should be one of the top 10... I know it's hard to rank these songs since all of Super Junior songs are super catchy

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24 This Is Love

This is love is good song that I like to listen the most voice that I like is lee donghae

Cool song for our SUPER JUNIOR! They songs are cool and I like their 7th album! Super Junior hwaiting!

Fell in love with this song from the start... The music, lyrics, dance, theme, background... Everything is perfect... The special edit repackage of 7th album mamachita... N everyone looks so sexy.. Love you suju... Proud 2 be an E.L. F

25 Perfection
26 U

I love you! All!

27 Sapphire Blue
28 L.O.V.E.

THis song is so perfect! Its in my top tens easily.

29 Oppa Oppa V 1 Comment
30 Still You
31 In My Dream

The lyric is so touching :' the melody, their voices, the lyric. Perfect match

Such a beautiful song that I ever heard, their voice so great in this song

Its such a sweet song. KRY's voices are just amazing and the song is so emotional, it can really move you to tears.

32 Daydream

I really love this song... N the lyrics are so good... I am addicted to this song... N proud of all the members... All the members did great.. Missin yesung... Proud 2 be an E.L.F... LOVE you suju...

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33 Shake It Up!

This song seriously must be in the top ten! I'm so in love with it, amazing catchy song, and recently checked the lyrics, so meaningful and nice!

I really don't understand why this isn't in the top ten. The song is meaningful and you've just gotta love this chorus part:Shake it Up~Shake It Up~Shake It Up~

This should be in the top ten or at least top 15. This song is really meaningful and the chorus part is just beautiful: Shake It Up~Shake It Up~. Come on ELFs, do you agree with me, a fellow fanboy elf?

It's super awesome!
This song has a really catchy tune! "shake it up~~~"

34 Evanesce

Love this song so much. I love snaps in the beat. Their voices sounds like a many army in the chours. Perfection. It's so beautiful... Evanesce. I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! GO ELF!

Special edit repackage of 7th album
Mamacita... Really awesome song and the feeling... Love the song n lyrics n beat n all... It proves why suju is kpop king... Love you

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35 Blue Tomorrow

Hey, why is Blue Tomorrow in 23? It must be in like, number 1? Blue Tomorrow is jux like so emotional, romantic and so touching. First time I heard this song, I cried. First time I saw this MP4, I sobbed. So emotional. I love that song.

One of the most emotional song I've ever heard, the chinese language suits to this song. And the M/V is really, really good, I cried wehen I saw this M/v. A really awesome song.

36 SEOUL SEOUL Seoul – officially the Seoul Special City – is the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea, forming the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, the world's 14th largest city and second largest metropolitan area. V 2 Comments
37 Y

Lame or something so. Huhh whatever not there best work doing this song

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38 Magic

This song needs more recognition >~< It got my non k-pop friends addicted to SuJu The MV...*standing ovation*

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39 A Man In Love
40 Blue World

Blue blue blue blue WORLD!

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