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1 Super Junior K.R.Y

Super Junior KRY is the best sub grup in Super Junior.. They performance and vocal is perfect! I like them.. Because, SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST GROUP in The Earth

Super Junior K.R. Y is my favorite subgroup. They make Super Junior more colourful by their gold voice. And I believe if they release an album it will become spectacular - kurniaputrihidayaningtyas

I'm always support SUPER JUNIOR!
they are the best.. Suju is always the best.. I love them so much... SARANGHAE! I'm an ELF... I'm always be ELF for SUPER JUNIOR.. Super junior always 13+2.. Hankyung and kibum will always the part in suju..

The best voices you can ever find. The have amazing harmony and a heart melting voices. They give the best heart warming emotions to their singing and the wonderful melody of their song fit their voices perfectly.

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2 Super Junior M

They are just so dorky and adorable when speaking Mandorain. Whhaa, Kyu and his random comments, Hae cutting in whenever he wants, Hyuk pretending to understand but not really, Wook and his amazing skills, Sungmin, ahh he just sounds way too kyute, Henry and he's so awkward and funny, Zhou Mi and his confidence because he's the only fluent one, and Siwon oh god he sounds so manly! Can't WAIT FOR COMEBACK!

I love Super Junior-M! It helps that they sing in Korean as well as Chinese and Japanese. They have catchy songs and has some of my favorite members. They have catchy songs and have great dance moves, too!

After super girl I'm a super fan of sub m! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

I like SJ_M! I like their songs too. I like the most blue tomorrow song.

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3 Super Junior Happy

I love all subgroups but this one is funny and too cute their songs are about their gilfriend who doesn't know how to cook and pajama parties I mean who can't love them

4 Super Junior The Last Man Standing
5 Super Junior Trot
6 Super Junior EunHae


I love eunhae couple, I think they are a hot couple in Korea

Eunhae forever <3<3Best duo ever!

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1. Super Junior The Last Man Standing
2. Super Junior K.R.Y
3. Super Junior Happy
1. Super Junior M
2. Super Junior K.R.Y
3. Super Junior Happy


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