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1 Whomp's Fortress

Let's review the N64/Wii Virtual Console version of Super Mario 64's worlds.

Whomp's Fortress gets 279/100 stars.

Bob-Omb Battlefield gets 205/100 stars.

Lethal Lava Land gets 767/100 stars.

Jolly Roger Bay gets 405/100 stars.

Cool, Cool Mountain gets 256/100 stars.

Tick Tock Clock gets 325/100 stars.

Big Boo's Haunt gets 268/100 stars.

Tall, Tall Mountain gets 216/100 stars.

Rainbow Ride gets 345/100 stars.

Tiny-Huge Island gets 370/100 stars.

Wet-Dry World gets 204/100 stars.

Snowman's Land gets 873/100 stars.

Dire Dire Docks gets 405/100 stars.

Shifting Sand Land gets 1232/100 stars.

Hazy Maze Cave gets 139/100 stars.

They are all more than perfect!

Let's review the Supe rMario 64 DS remakes of Super Mario 64's levels.

Whomp's Fortress gets 64/100 stars.

Bob-Omb Battlefield gets 63/100 stars.

Lethal Lava Land gets 71/100 stars.

Jolly ...more

2 Cool, Cool Mountain

It has "cool" in the name. Twice.

3 Lethal Lava Land
4 Bob-omb Battlefield
5 Jolly Roger Bay
6 Big Boo's Haunt
7 Tall, Tall Mountain
8 Tick Tock Clock

Tick tock clock is awesome - NESSquid

9 Rainbow Ride
10 Tiny-Huge Island

The Contenders

11 Hazy Maze Cave
12 Shifting Sand Land

Such an underrated world...

This should be top 1! Hell yeah! I love Super Mario 64 on the N64!

13 Dire, Dire Docks

The music is enough to love it, and the design is overall great - darthvadern

14 Snowman's Land

Greatest world in the best Mario game ever!

15 Wet-Dry World
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1. Hazy Maze Cave
2. Lethal Lava Land
3. Tiny-Huge Island
1. Tall, Tall Mountain
2. Whomp's Fortress
3. Cool, Cool Mountain
1. Whomp's Fortress
2. Bob-omb Battlefield
3. Jolly Roger Bay

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