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1 Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Peaceful water galaxies are great to just experience.

I like boss blitz better

This one just blew my away of how beautiful it looks! please remake in SMG3

Why is this it insted of melty molten, WORD

2 Slimy Spring Galaxy

The sunset at the end sold me. I was playing late at night, and I was concerned about the prospect of a water level. But then, the mysterious music in this level piqued my interest. The galaxy is extremely easy to navigate, and the overall experience is quite pleasant and extremely refreshing.

I really love the calm, wet galaxies.

The atmosphere here is so peaceful.

This place would also be nice for Spring Break.

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3 Starshine Beach Galaxy

You go all around the beach just for a cloud flower, that's a puzzle

I like to come here and pretend I'm on vacation. I always get all the enemies before so that it's safe. I like riding the leaf rafts, swimming and going into that hole in the side of the oceon and watching those eel things. What're they called?

4 Space Storm Galaxy

This is only fun and electrocutes me

Love this galaxy and it's music

5 Fluffy Bluff / Cloudy Court Galaxy

Cloud flower all about the cloud flower

6 Throwback Galaxy

I love this level because of the concept. An old level redone that uses different mechanics.

Super Mario 64 level, but beter

7 Grandmaster Galaxy

It's the final challenge to top off an amazing game.

Two words, SUPER HARD

8 Boss Blitz Galaxy

You get five awesome boss fights from the first SMG, all in one package.

Dino piranah king kaliente major burrows bouldergeist and fiery Dino piranah FUN

9 Puzzle Plank Galaxy

This is the easiest galaxy EVER I finished it in 5 minutes

This is great and full of bugs

10 Tall Trunk Galaxy

The slide level is what made this level great.

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11 Sky Station Galaxy

This is the first level in this game.

12 Chompworks Galaxy

This galaxy is the only one with the spring mushroom.

I love to talk to the gearmos.

13 Boulder Bowl Galaxy

Home to the rock mushroom, an amazing power up.

14 Hightail Falls Galaxy

I disagree with this it took me about 30 deaths

Super Mario World Remix music

The dash pepper is fun to use.

15 Freezy Flake Galaxy

This galaxy isn't even in SMG2.

Ooo yah, freezy flake galaxy is my favorite for its level it's so fun, and my favorite galaxies of all time - Deathmask

16 Bowser's Galaxy Generator

Great way to cap off this game.

17 Flipswap Galaxy

Best galaxy in World 1

18 Battle Belt Galaxy

The regular level, the daredevil run, and Fire Gobblegut all make this an incredible level.

19 Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

The first star ball level in the game is awesome.

20 Fleet Glide Galaxy

I love using Fluzzard in these levels.

Best fluzzard level in the game.

Best fluzzard level by far.

21 Yoshi Star Galaxy

This is the first yoshi level

22 Supermassive Galaxy

The concept isn't new, but it sure isn't getting old!

23 Melty Monster Galaxy

Fun and home to one of the best power ups; rock mushroom! And anyway, who doesn't like bowling

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1. Cosmic Cove Galaxy
2. Boss Blitz Galaxy
3. Throwback Galaxy
1. Cosmic Cove Galaxy
2. Slimy Spring Galaxy
3. Space Storm Galaxy
1. Starshine Beach Galaxy
2. Cosmic Cove Galaxy
3. Tall Trunk Galaxy


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