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1 Pinna Park

All of these worlds are great, but I just love this amusement park best! It isn't just an amusement park where you have a couple of rides and that's it - it has more! It has a beach, Meca-Bowser, and yes, those rides that I mentioned earlier! But there are tons of rides - not just a few - tons! A roller coster (to defeat Meca-Bowser), an out-of-control ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a pair of swinging pirate ships, and more - and you can ride ALL of them! This is probably my favorite part of the game! I'm really hoping that Super Mario Odyssey will have a tropical-beach kingdom - we have already seen six kingdoms, a city, a frozen desert, a forrest, a prehistoric, a food-themed, and even a cap-themed kingdom - all that's missing is Isle Delfino! Hahaa!

2 Noki Bay
3 Sirena Beach

It's got a sunset, hotel, and casino. What's not to like? - mtndewlord

I loved the Manta Storm.

4 Pianta Village

Oh my god! This is the best world in Super Mario Sunshine, especially in the nighttime missions.

5 Ricco Harbor
6 Gelato Beach
7 Delfino Plaza

Complete with succulent seafood!

8 Bianco Hills
9 Delfino Airstrip
10 Corona Mountain
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1. Sirena Beach
2. Pianta Village
3. Gelato Beach
1. Ricco Harbor
2. Noki Bay
3. Pinna Park



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