Best Super Mario Sunshine Worlds

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1 Pinna Park

All of these worlds are great, but I just love this amusement park best! It isn't just an amusement park where you have a couple of rides and that's it - it has more! It has a beach, Meca-Bowser, and yes, those rides that I mentioned earlier! But there are tons of rides - not just a few - tons! A roller coster (to defeat Meca-Bowser), an out-of-control ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a pair of swinging pirate ships, and more - and you can ride ALL of them! This is probably my favorite part of the game! I'm really hoping that Super Mario Odyssey will have a tropical-beach kingdom - we have already seen six kingdoms, a city, a frozen desert, a forrest, a prehistoric, a food-themed, and even a cap-themed kingdom - all that's missing is Isle Delfino! Hahaa!

Hands down one of the best levels in the game (also Mecha-Bowser is easier than Petey Piranha Strikes Back from Bianco Hills). About the level itself, it's so happy and I love the design, each mission is something different and this world has everything an amusement park should have, a variety of rides? check, a gorgeous beach just outside of it? check, fun missions? check. A fun red coin mission? check, basically this world has everything

2 Noki Bay

One of the most gorgeous levels in the game, and I believe it's the level in which you can actually sky dive from the very top and land in water, it's such a cool world!

I voted for this one because it had the best Levels in the game. Sure it had some bad levels (*Cough* Eely Mouth *Cough*) but it still is amazing.

3 Ricco Harbor

Pretty cool world, cool music, and I love that saxophone, the level itself is quite cool too (love the enviroment)

4 Sirena Beach

I’ve been playing this game for 9 years at least, and throughout that whole time, this place has amazed me. The hotel was so intricately designed, and it was easily the prettiest sunset I’ve seen in the game. (and the only one) And manta rays are still my favorite animal!

The best world in the game! The hotel and casino are so charming to run around in! Gotta love the hotel especially! however the music used in this world is probably the worst song in the game

It's got a sunset, hotel, and casino. What's not to like?

It's shaped like a gamecube controller

5 Delfino Plaza

Complete with succulent seafood!

A great hub world

6 Gelato Beach

Whenever I'm tired as heck or have tried to get some hard star in some other level but not succeeding, I always chill in this amazing beach with the best music.

7 Pianta Village

I like how it's different from the other worlds. All the worlds are in some way surrounded by water, EXCEPT Pianta Village (not including Corona Mountain)

Oh my god! This is the best world in Super Mario Sunshine, especially in the nighttime missions.

8 Bianco Hills

Pretty ok world, nothing too special although it looks beautiful, however some of the missions are obnoxiously hard for a tutorial level like the secret of the dirty lake

9 Corona Mountain
10 Delfino Airstrip

Well, it's the tutorial level, and extremly boring, easly the worst

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