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1 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Most favourite game of Mario in my opinion

It sucks. - MarioBros11

Super Mario Galaxy 2: 15/20 ("Good to Great").

Super Mario Galaxy: 11/20 ("Mediocre to Okay").

Mario Kart Wii: 7/20 ("Bad to Awful").

Super Paper Mario: 20/20 ("Masterpiece").

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 11/20 ("Mediocre to Okay").

Mario Sports Mix: 7/20 ("Bad to Awful").

Mario Party 8: 4/20 ("Painful").

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games: 11/20 ("Mediocre to Okay").

Fortune Street: 7/20 ("Bad to Awful").

Mario Party 9: 4/20 ("Painful").

New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis! : 4/20 ("Painful").

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 20/20 ("Masterpiece").

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: 8/20 ("Bad").

Mario Super Sluggers: 10/20 ("Mediocre").

Donkey Kong Country Returns: 10/20 ("Mediocre").

Wario Land: Shake It! : 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Super Smash Bros. (original): 20+/20 ("Godly").

Super Mario 64 (original): 20+/20 ("Godly").

Mario Strikers Charged: 16/20 ...more

True, it's the best Galaxy game and one of the best for the Wii! - darthvadern

2 Super Mario Galaxy

How is this worse than Galaxy 2? No. Galaxy 2 is WAY worse than this. - MarioBros11

Truly original! The whole dome idea was great and it shows originality! - darthvadern

AWESOME! - TimmyTurner

Great music, great graphics, and amazing gameplay. It's Awesome! Go Galaxy! Everybody should vote for this!

3 Mario Kart Wii

The best game played on a Nintendo!

My first Mariokart - MarioBros11

Second best Mario Kart - darthvadern

It has so many characters. You can even be a mii It has so many fun race tracks. I think that the best cup is the one with wario's gold mine.

4 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I remember playing this I think I got luigi with 99 continues lol - trains45

Can't beat World 8-1 - MarioBros11

At least it's not New Super Mario Bros. 2 - darthvadern

I am still playing this on the wii in 2018-its almost 10 yeas

5 Super Paper Mario

Has the best story ever in a video game.

Easily the best story in a Mario game in my opinion. When I first played it, I was only nine years old and wasn't into complex RPG-style gameplay and I didn't find it too easy because I was so young. Playing TTYD at that age would have been basically impossible for me. But this was so awesome and I will remember it forever. - MiracleDinner

This should be first honestly - darthvadern

This is definitely the best Mario game on the Wii, even surpassing the Galaxy games. The gameplay was very good and it has a good story, unlike most Mario games on the Wii.

6 Mario Sports Mix

This game is overrated. & sadly, Princess Daisy didn't interact with Slime. Another bad fact is that Rosalina didn't replace Princess Peach.

Love this game.

Love this game and love sport

This game rules! And I love how you can be your mii characters!

7 Mario Party 8

Underrated honestly. It's my favourite classic mario party game - darthvadern

Gee, I prefer Megaman Party & Princess Peach wasn't supposed to be in this game. She didn't bother to steal any stars.

This is my favorite Mario Party game, out of what I own: 5, 8, 9, Island Tour, 10. - thelegendaries101

It is a very good game an

It's the best party game ever!

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8 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Not technically Mario, but sure. - MarioBros11

This could be top 1! Seriously, everyone looks fancy in those character designs, but both Daisy & Rosalina could've replaced Peach. Also, Peach's bust size is a little huge (including her nipples' size) in this game, & possibly in the whole Super Smash Bros. series. I think Peach should be said to be a tomboy because she also has a perverted side.

I'm glad peach is in this game. I can beat the crap out of princess peach. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This is getting ridiculous!

This game has the best story! I can't believe it is top 14! Why does this game get so much hate?!

It's not a Mario game people, it's it's own series. - Mewbosses

9 Mario Party 9

Overrated? This game isn't even close to that. Best Mario Party game in my opinion! - darthvadern

PPPLLEEAASSEE be okay but I love this Wii game

Overrated in my opinion. I hated story mode especially on the later boards. Where you only play against Kamek and/or shy guy. It forces you to have to win or else you have to start over. What's worse is that you could be so far ahead and then lose half of your stars and you end up losing. It seems a bit unfair.

This game is so overrated. & besides, Princess Peach had no reason to be in this game as a playable character playing ALL sports bashfully with her hair loose which we hate. Other than that, Rosalina could've been in this game.

10 Mario Super Sluggers

The first Mario sports game I played - MarioBros11

See Fawful's Minion's video of "Top 10 Mario Games", his weakest video ever. If only it had Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Land (trilogy), Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move's predecessors and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors on it (they are too underrated and have so much to them). - The Ultimate Daredevil

It is pretty fun, but it deserves higher rank!

Very Underrated. Wish there was more to the story but overall it's good


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11 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

I wanted it, I played it, I disliked it. - MarioBros11

This needs to be top 1 on this list! Seriously, Mario & Princess Daisy have all went to British Columbia, which is really amazing. But I'm mad that Daisy didn't spend her time with the male Sonic characters & I'm very furious that Princess Peach was at the Vancouver Olympics instead of Rosalina. & besides, I prefer Mario & Mega Man at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Better than Mario Super Sluggers - ORLY?

12 Fortune Street

I don't get why Rosalina didn't replace Princess Peach in this game. Peach was so rude.

Thank you! I think that too! Rosalina should been unlockable in Starship Mario or Good Egg Galaxy. It was perfect for her! But noo, we didn't. Main flaw in this game.

This game kinda sucks

This is the best game ever

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13 Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door

Dude that's is for the Gamecube not Wii - jakeocchipinti

Gee, whoever put The Thousand Year Door is a retard.

You actually can download this game for the wii

Super paper Mario is for the wii, paper Mario the thousand year door is for the gamecube, anyway paper Mario the thousand year door is thousand times better then super paper Mario, and super paper mairo is 100 times better then sticker star

Well first of all, it has actual partners. And why is Bowser a good guy? He's supposed to be Mario's enemy! It also had good storyline too, and was quite an awesome adventure. It was also more challenging (in a good way). And Chapter 3 was amazing!

Oh yeah and please respect my opinion.

14 New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis
15 Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars

*SNES - darthvadern

Such an underrated game. And it's not just Final Fantasy with Mario characters.

16 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

What's with the defense the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series gets? I think I can slightly see why, because/and of course the characters (Princess Peach/Amy Rose is the most overrated third member of her own franchise team) and events are different! It is the Olympics! - The Ultimate Daredevil

THIS GAME IS AMAZEBALLS! Just a question though... Is Shadow a good guy or a bad guy. If you think Good guy, play Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric.

With so many diffrent events and characters, this game would be a #1

17 Wario Land: Shake It
18 Mario Strikers Charged

Wario slices throats in this game... - MarioBros11

This could be top 3. Seriously, this game is Canadian & one of the most epic Mario games ever!

By far my favorite Mario game ever. Picked it back up after eight years and even more fun than it was during my childhood. Don’t underestimate this soccerish game.

19 Super Mario All-Stars
20 Super Smash Bros.

Well, it's a good game, but it's for the Wii U. Not the Wii.

Awesome greatest game

21 Punch-Out!!


This is not even a Mario game.

Punch out's not a Mario game...

GOAT Mario gmae

22 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
23 Mario Kart 7

Three words: 3. D. S. And also idiot. - MarioBros11

Uhh this is 3ds it says it right on the box dummy!

24 Super Mario 64

Not Wii, its N64. You can get it on WiiU, but not Wii. - MarioBros11

Even if not really a Wii game, this game is on the Wii Virtual Console and deserves the top 1 spot. Perfect visuals/designs, very nice music, flawless voice acting, I will be permanently unable to hate this game.

25 Super Mario Sluggers

On here twice. - MarioBros11

I want to see all the caiters

26 Mario Power Tennis

On here twice. - MarioBros11

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