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41 Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

A great game to grow up with. an amazing storyline, great gameplay, lovable characters, and a lot more. this game is a great icon of 1990s RPG's.

42 Aladdin

Did anyone notice that Aladdin & Jasmine look like older brother & younger sister?

43 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
44 Mega Man X2
45 Mario Paint

Get out the mouse pad and swat some flies

An amazing game that I almost got a SNES just for. It's the presentation that makes it as fun as it is. make music, draw, and even play a mini game. even though saving a picture takes years, they have some catchy music for you to listen to!

46 Super Bomberman 5
47 Star Wars

Great Fun relieving star wars moments

48 Biker Mice from Mars
49 International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
50 Mega Man Soccer

Strangely enough, This game is amazing! It's simple, But that's not a bad thing! it's fun, simple, and a perfect game to play with friends!

51 Illusion of Gaia

I don't know why people say this is good. If you like this kind of game play Terranigma, it's among the best SNES games.

One of my personal favourites. I don't expect it to be in the top 10 but maybe in the top 20.

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52 Ninja Warriors
53 U.N. Squadron
54 Pieces

An obscure puzzle game, and a really well done one.

55 Terranigma

This is among the best SNES games, no question. It's even better than Link to the past and the good but overrated Chrono Trigger.

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56 Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
57 Knights of The Round

The best Side Scrolling Beat-Em-Up ever made on the SNES, it was close to choose the best from Titles such as TMNT 4: Turtles in Time, The Final Fight Series, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, etc. But Knights of the Round has a Leveling up system, 2-player action... can't go wrong

58 Super Punch-Out!!

Great 1-Player game, Simple gameplay, but addicting as hell. Great cast of characters, over the top, great graphics, great rockin soundtrack and its fun.

Since this game has a save feature after every Circuit, this has really been improved.

59 Bubsy
60 International Cricket

HOWZAT... Not out worst graphics ever and the fielders make the funniest movements ever ha ha ha

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