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61 Shaq-Fu

The best game ever made


Sexy! I'd give it mixed reception.

This is a joke.

62 Lagoon
63 ActRaiser

I can't believe this game is not higher! This game is a masterpiece!

64 Breath of Fire
65 Clayfighter
66 Rock N' Roll Racing

So many great memories with my brother and cousin, playing this classic.

67 Wild Guns
68 Sunset Riders

Ah, cowboys and bullet hell. So many afternoons trying to beat this game with friends.

V 1 Comment
69 Rival Turf

I got an orgasm playing this

70 The Mask
71 Super Double Dragon
72 Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
73 Wario's Woods
74 The Lost Vikings

A brilliant platform game where not one but three characters, each with his own unique abilities, must work together to complete each level.

75 Prince of Persia

This Ain't On The SNES Look At The Title?

76 Kirby's Avalanche V 1 Comment
77 Return of Double Dragon
78 Super Bomberman 3

Contrary to what much people say, I think this is the best of the Super Bomberman games.

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79 Demon's Crest

Amazing game. Too hard for me, I never came even close to complete it.

80 Tetris Attack
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