Best Super Saiyan Forms

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1 vegeta ss2

Aesthetically? VERY PLEASING TO THE EYE. But then again, be looks hot in every form.

Nothing is cooler than him!

As an experienced Saiyan prince warrior he often use this form in battles and can be considered somehow better than Gohan in the same form, though Goku also knows Super Saiyan 2, but he did not use it as often as Vegeta.

This is my favourite form of Vegeta. - Goku02

2 goku ss3

SS3 looks very menacing and the physical power is tremendous in this form, this is why it is my favourite.

The hair is what does it for me. Lol I just love the look, it's not really got anything to do with the background or storyline placement of this form, I just think the appearance of this form kicks butt.

This is a unique form of Goku. He looks tremendous with the long hair, no eyebrows which show him as something awesome. The Ascension BGM backs the form to a height.

Best form and strongest

3 vegeta ss1
4 ss2 teen gohan

The most awesome, badass EVER. That transformation was legendary, and the way that it turned Gohan ruthless was absolutely awesome. The hair and aura with the sparkles are awesome, and the way he destroys the cell juniors and then beats up cell like it's nothing is EPIC. This was Gohan at his most absolute awesome, and after Gohan beats Cell and Goku passes the role of protector to Gohan is actually when Akira Toriyama was going to end DBZ and it would've been a very clever and emotional ending. - EvilAngel

Gohan's SSJ2 transformation is definitely one of the most epic scenes in Dragon Ball history! - Goku02

He is the best plus the lightning is a nice touch

He defeated cell and Goku couldn't.

5 goku ss4

The combination of the original ssj 4 theme song, the primitive and unique design of the forth and final form, as well as the method to unlock such incredible power goes to show just how tremendous and fulfilling this form truly is. Its meant to be different from all other super saiyan forms, by tapping into a saiyan's inner primitive power and concentrating their energy and consciousness into a single focus point in themselves, they master what it truly means to be a saiyan, and inherit such awesome strength that only goku and Vegeta can accomplish. This is number one.

goku ss4 has the best hair thier is woohoo -

super sayian 4 goku is the best there is he is EPIC!

Goku Super Saiyan 4 was by far the best just because it made sense on how he got it and it was something new in creativity and it was just bad ass GT could have been better though if it wasn't canon

6 gt vegeta ss4
7 ss2 adult trunks
8 goku ss1

The unbeatable, invincible warrior in legend, awakened by fury and is pure of heart, the first Super Saiyan in a thousand years, Son Goku! One of the legendary Dragon Ball scenes in the most epic, classic battle in the whole anime history. - Goku02

The pinnacle after the intense and hard training and fighting. The original is always the best.

One of my favorite moments in the show was when we got to see a super saiyan for the very first time : Goku turning into SS1 against Frieza. - UltimateHybridX


9 future trunks ss1
10 trunks ss1

This form was formed out of the love for his master gohan and the hate of adroids that's why he demolished them

This form is excellent and badass

The Contenders

11 kid trunks ss1

Trunks has never shown to be remarkably smart. This brat's intelligence is really overrated. Having a genius as mother wouldn't automatically make him a smart kid

He's both ugly and stupid. Weak too. I want to vomit every time I look at his ugly face.

Goten is even younger - Goku02

The cutest little super saiyan.

12 gt vegeta ss2
13 gt vegeta ss1
14 ss2 adult gohan
15 ss4 gogeta

Awesome look

16 kid goten ss1

Youngest. Super. Saiyan. Ever! *drum roll* - Goku02

So cute and powerful at what age? SEVEN DUH! - Goku02

Stupidest super Saiyan.

17 broly the legendery super saiyan

Nah broly was by far the best super saiyan n he's the only one who gets stronger just by fighting

Broly is the coolest most buff strong being in the universe and it took all strong z fighters and saiyans in that movie to kill him and vegeta admitted that everyone was like a mere grunt compared to an army

Broly is like the boss...

I love his full bi-polar character; the silent and the raging berserker lol...infact, Broly is a saiyan definition of "taking the battle full-heartedly, and bring it to the max! "

18 gotenks ss3
19 super vegeto

He is most powerful saiyan and even can beat buu in candy form and he is the strongest fighter

Because I want yall to stfu

20 Vegeta ss1.5
21 goku ss2
22 adult trunks ss2
23 teen gohan ss1

Underrated and overshadowed by his SSJ2 form. Gohan could stay in his standard super saiyan form forever if her wanted to.

24 goku ssj god ssj

I like blue and it's super saiyan blue or ssgss or super saiyan god super saiyan

His hair is awesome and could also stay in that form as long as he wants and even whis said if Goku and vegeta fight beerus in this form they
Could defeat him.

25 teen gohan ss2

Super Sayian 2 Gohan Beat Up Cell So He Should Be In 1st Place

26 gt goku ss1
27 adult gohan ss1
28 Super Saiyan God

He looks awesome and is so powerful I think he should be number on superhero and super saiyan god should be number one 2

29 Super Saiyan Rose

Do I even have to explain?

30 goku ssj 5

He is the badass of the group

31 guku ss god mode 2

U can't spell

32 Super Saiyan Blue Vegito #1 (Series 5)
33 broly super saiyan
34 gt goku ss3
35 gogeta ss2

I like this form mire than the potara fusion!

36 gotenks ss1
37 bardock ss1
38 goten ss1
39 SSJ Videl

SSJ Videl is the ultimate boss LOL - Goku02

40 Ultimate Gohan

This is not a Super Saiyan form -_- - Goku02

41 Super Saiyan Rage Trunks - Goku Black Saga

The mix between yellow and blue make this form more unique than all of the other forms.

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