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41 Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger

It messes with your mind, and its hilarious in doing so. The fun factor takes in to account the flaws of Sentai and the predictability to a whole new level.

It's not even an official Sentai team, in fact, the show itself is an adult satire series!

Come on why us this on no 41

The funniest Sentai ever.
Great unique characters you will not find in any other sentai series.
They make fun of even the Power Rangers! Calling them the Powerful Rangers.
Hey you! You got nice body nice butt and cleavage! Laugh out loud Powerful rangers actually say that to a female villain commander is so funny!
Yumeria Moegi Always cosplaying she just so adorable!
Mitsuki Aoyagi is so Hot! And she acts strong but she has a cute side of her when she see her favorite anime merchandise!
Nobuo Akagi He is so funny and weird! He is a parody of obsessed adult sentai/anime fan! Very unique character! He is an Otaku red ranger what else could you ask for!

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