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21 Flat Zone 2

I love this stage - adamgogle

22 Green Hill Zone

How is this not top 10? U can see Tails, Knuckles, and Silver in the background.

23 Battlefield

It is original and fair, for characters that jump well and characters that don't.

It's simple, but not AS simple as final destination, plus it has an amazing atmospstage.Time passes on it, too. I really love this stage.

24 Zelda Temple

This Stage Should Be Number 2 Because It Is Very Fun To Fight On And There Is Different Areas To Fight On.

Fun to go on wifi and punch a Ike in the face then run away while all the other people chase after you!

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25 Shadow Moses Island

The music is cool, I like encounter and battle in the base

26 New Pork City

Oh dear god. I love this stage. Sure, it maybe big, but let me remind you, is New York City small? Nope. This is ased off of it, besides, none of you hate Paulutena's temple. It has some nice music I love hearing, and is just gorgeous.

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27 Distant Planet
28 Battleship Halberd
29 Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2

The 1-1 version of mushroomy kingdom is alright but this one is the best by far

30 Rumble Falls
31 Corneria

Technically from melee but brought back in a great way.

32 Mario Galaxy

Okay, I'm confused here. Since when did the world hate Rosalina or anything related like Mario Galaxy? Its amazing and I love how you can see Starship Mario in the background. Such a nice easy and peaceful course. I love the music so much. I have the music from that stage as my ringtone the Rosalina Comet Observatory/ Lumas theme. The scenery is so beautiful. But seriously when did you people hate Rosalina? On the other lists she's super high positively and on these ssmb lists... she's not even on. I love her so much. Don't be unfair because she's new, or has a luma(they are the dynamic duo who shouldn't be separated). It shows her caring mother side by letting luma fight side to side with her unlike Bowser beating up his own son! VOTE FOR ROSALINA

This stage isn't even in brawl

33 Smashville

Surprised this isn't that high. Most people I talk to love this stage, its also very popular amongst competitive players.

So neat! K.K. slider even shows up between 8 pm &12 am, just like the game!

I love smashvile becauce there's my favourite song it's cold Go K.K. rider! that's my opinian

I just love smashville because my favourite song is there its cold go k.k. rider

34 Port Town Aero Dive

This is MY delink plaza, the whole thing feels so fast and it was made for captain falcon, who is one of
My favorites, and don't forget the stage has awesome music

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35 Yoshi's Island
36 Skyworld
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