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61 Ludwig

Ludwig is just THE man. They should've made a slot just for Koopalings (not all in separate slots, because that's stupid), so they could actually shoot their wands and stuff.

62 Master Hand V 2 Comments
63 Goku Goku Son Goku (Born Kakarrot) is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. His abilities include super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

No way San Jose he will be in the game. Don't even think about pushing him

I'm pretty sure Smash Flash characters don't count...

He's not in the game

64 Crono
65 Dark Pit Dark Pit

Dark Pit is more stronger but slower than Pit. I use him and Pit alternatively

He's mah main and I troll haters like everybody

Dark pit sucks even ness is better

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66 Mii Swordsman
67 Mii Gunner
68 Count Bleck Count Bleck V 1 Comment
69 Bomberman

This guy technically isn't a smash bros character, so why is he on this list?

He is the worst character in the game. In Super smash bros 10, he was so good.

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70 Wendy

She is so sassy and knows what she's doing

71 Morton
72 Lemmy

I did a tournament with all of the characters on super smash bros for the Wii u (including dlc), made all of them level nine CPUs and Lemmy won

73 Larry
74 Alph

If he is an Olimar Alt. shouldn't he be in Smash

75 Inkling V 1 Comment
76 Shulk Shulk Shulk is a fictional character and the protagonist from Monolith Soft's 2010 role-playing video game Xenoblade Chronicles, part of their overarching Xeno series of video games.

The absolute most op in smash 4

I'm really feeling it! - xandermartin98

Number 41! Are you serious! Shulk is one of the strongest characters of super smash bros. His counter attack is amazing! Low on hp? Use shield. Can't knock out your opponent? Use smash. Knocked out and can't get back to the arena? Use jump. Can't keep up with your opponent? Use speed. Wan't massive damage? Use buster or maybe smash. These are the Monado's power. Use this strategy and you will be really feeling it. Do I need to say more?

This guy needs to be higher or else I'll show you how "This is the Monado's Power! "

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77 Pokemon Trainer

I don't see why a bunch of you smash fans are against Pokemon Trainer. Responding to the previous comment, he does show up in battle. If you hear the voice of a boy shouting and look to easily concealed places on the screen, you might see him urging on his Pokemon. Pokemon Trainer has 3 Pokemon to battle with: Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. Charizard is the strongest out of the three- take advantage when the Trainer deposits him onto the battlefield. He has really good smash moves and can fly a bit.
Why is this amazing character at 73? Obviously, he has so much more to give than a bunch of characters ahead of him. He has 3 loyal friends to call on that battle for you. Each one has their own strengths. With the Fire, Water, and Grass, you do not have to use the same attack every time. Others won't know what's coming because of this.
Perhaps some of you just don't know what a good character Pokemon Trainer is! Try him, train him, learn their moves. There are so many combos you ...more

What does the trainer do? You don't see him in battle..

He is perfect because he has 3 characters: squirtle, ivysaur, and charizard

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78 Pichu Pichu

Pichu may be extremely weak and not used, but he is definitely not he worst character. Sure, if there was a head-to-heat combat with you and Pichu, you would probably win, unless you aren't very experienced at smash. In reality, Pichu has most of the same powers as Pikachu but is generally weaker and does not give as much smashes. He is cute and mischievous, but that is not the point here. You have to learn to be flexible with Pichu in order to really make him be strong. Train him like you would a Pokemon, and he is one by the way. I could never beat Ganondorf or Luigi with Pichu, but against the Koopalings, it's possible. Pichu has more strength than anyone thinks- but it takes time. You have to work with him. Here's a tip if you are interested in making Pichu powerful: Train him against his evolution, Pikachu. I don't know why, but statistically, it works!

REALLY? Isn't it obvious that pichu is the absolute worst character? - Captaincrunch2015

Pichu has no advantage against Pikachu. Why would he Be in any game if he's easily worse?


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