Best Super Smash Brothers Melee Stages

The Top Ten

1 Fountain of Dreams

Best music

Why hasn't this stage returned yet!
It better be on Smash Bros. Switch

2 Final Destination

Even though it wasn't as good as it was in Brawl, Final Destination is still a totally amazing stage with a great theme.

The stage design on this is the best one out of the other smash games and the music sounds intense.

The stage design is the set out of all Final Destinations in the trilogy

3 Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon stadium is amazing because it's original layout is open like FD but has the two additional platforms. It also transforms into 4 additional stages, which are all super sick to play on with each adding a new element. Each transformation is random, so you never know what element of play you will face keeping you on your toes. In my opinion, the most unique stage.

4 Battlefield

I like Brawl's Battlefield better but this one is also great. Best stage in the series!

Best Battlefield in the Smash Bros. Trilogy

5 Hyrule Temple

The most iconic stage in the Super Smash Bros. series not named Final Destination or Battlefield.

6 Poke Floats

I really love this stage. It's so fun to fight on top of the giant Pokemon. It's been my favorite since the day I unlocked it.

Great music, scenery, and cute Pokemon balloons!



7 Corneria

I'd say that this stage would be the most action packed stage in the game.

8 Termina: Great Bay
9 Yoshi's Story

Every time I'm not in the mood of playing Melee, I play one match on this stage and suddenly want to play for 6 hours

10 Fourside

The Contenders

11 Big Blue

Always thought this was an underrated stage. Really fun to play on. - NuMetalManiak

12 Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths

This stage was epic in many ways. Rotating, epic backround, awesome theme, it was a shame it wasn't included in Brawl.

13 Dream Land

The music is stuck in my head

14 Peach's Castle

The bullet Bill feature in this stage is awesome, no doubt about that!

15 Mushroom Kingdom
16 Mute City
17 Venom

Although much like Corneria, this stage isn't as big and action-packed.

18 Hyrule Castle
19 Yoshi's Island
20 Brinstar
21 Flat Zone

Just, really fun of a stage compared to the rest.

I like the music.

22 Onett
23 Mushroom Kingdom II
24 Rainbow Cruise

This is a good one! It needs to be higher than 22!

25 Green Greens
26 Icicle Mountain
27 Pokémon Stadium Pokémon Stadium
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