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Ah, the DC Extended Universe. This is a franchise of movies that has gotten loads of backlash on the internet, and rightfully so. Man of Steel, their first movie starring Superman, and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were both negatively received because both were horribly directed and dragged out for a long time. Batman V Superman is definitely the most hated movie in the franchise so far because the story was absolutely abysmal and it was so boring and uninteresting to sit through. If people didn't think THAT was bad enough, we then got Suicide Squad, a "movie" that tried doing way too many different things with its story and didn't even TOUCH some of the characters that were thrown into the movie. The acting was horrible, the effects were laughable, and don't even get me started on the Enchantress doing her annoying cobra dance. "Wiggle wiggle wiggle dance" That was so bad it was funny. Anyways, this isn't a hate post on BvS and Suicide Squad, it's a review for the latest DC movie: Wonder Woman. I'm sure we were ALL worried about this one. I was worried it would be another abomination to what felt like a franchise of failures. So once I got into the movie theater...let's just say I was pleasantly surprised.

Story Details (and comparisons to trash in the series)

Wonder Woman focuses on Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) of the Mascara who lives with other women only and trains to become a powerful fighter. A pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) ends up crashing into the sea and Diana rescues him. Nazis then come and attack and Diana chooses to leave with Steve to stop a huge war (WWII) with him.

Let me explain why this movie succeeded by comparing it to the last two movies in this franchise. Batman V Superman was dreadful. Suicide Squad was just an insult to comic book fans anywhere. What was the biggest reason for both of those movies to be as bad as they were? Well, the main problem with both is that they introduce so many characters and they either rush through it so fast that you barely know who any of them are (Suicide Squad), or they end up not even DOING anything with a good majority of the runtime to even give the characters any depth (Batman V Superman). Wonder Woman chooses to do exactly what they should've done a long time ago. It strips it down completely and chooses to focus on Diana's character arc the most, while also giving time to Steve and some of the minor characters. This works perfectly in the movie's favor because it actually gives most of the characters a decent extent of depth. The story was also very simple and it didn't choose to pack too much into it and make itself a huge paper jam (Suicide Squad). It was also a unique idea and I was actually invested and interested to see Wonder Woman actually fight NAZIS (I mean...who wouldn't want to see Nazis get beaten up by a semi-goddess?)

We were also given better portrayals of the characters this time around. Gal Gadot is the first actress to play a superhero in this universe that actually did a great job with the character. She brought the super heroine to life and made her my favorite character in the movie. They portrayed Diana as an outsider who didn't blend in with the real world and that worked perfectly for her. She's from the Mascara and has been told stories about the gods her whole life and she doesn't seem to understand that not everything she was told was meant to be taken so seriously. This lets you know that this is going to be a huge part of her character arc throughout the movie and she needs to understand things a little bit differently than she actually does. Steve was also a really good character because he basically served as the person that would guide Diana through the world she doesn't understand. If he wasn't there, the story would go absolutely nowhere, so I really appreciate him being there to move the plot along. He also needed to do the same thing as Diana and try to understand why she thinks the way she does. The villain was also fantastic and way more interesting than pretty much any Marvel Cinematic Universe villain out there, though I won't say too much about him.


I don't want to go too in depth on the humor because I want YOU to actually experience the humor in the theater. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the humor was hit or miss and there was so much kiddie/pre-teen humor in there that I wanted to just barf. This movie's humor actually WORKS because of the story of the movie. Many jokes revolve around Diana not understanding the world around her and it actually opens a lot of possibilities, most of which are utilized perfectly, for the humor. I don't want to spoil too many jokes, but one joke I liked was when Diana kept trying to introduce herself as the Princess of the Mascara and Steve would always shut her up.


The choreography of these scenes is top notch and the visuals are beautiful and actually capture the scenes perfectly. We start of in the Mascara, the best-looking location in the movie, and you feel the vibes of nature because the grass and the sky pop out at the screen, the colors are bright and beautiful, and the music is delightful. Then we travel right along to the human towns and BOOM! The scenery changes as we see tons of smoke and factories, ugly colors, dark clouds, and sophisticated outfits. I love how these two worlds completely contrast one another because it works for a movie where the main character is trying to fit in with something completely different. Action was improved greatly as well because the visuals were clear enough to distinguish who was doing what to one another. During the epic battle at the climax, you can see how well-made the electric beams and fire is here. The music is also really epic and well-done.


I must ask WHY they didn't release this (or the upcoming Batman Movie) BEFORE Batman V Superman??? I don't understand why the movies are coming out in this bizzare order. Guys, it's okay to do something similar to Marvel. Marvel chose to introduce each hero and THEN put them all together. Why can't you guys do the same thing so everyone knows each character? It will only make you and your universe get a better reception for god's sake! Anyways, this movie was amazing and exceeded the expectations of many. The characters get depth because the movie actually focuses on them (unlike Suicide Squad), the action is stunning and fun to watch, the story is unique and interesting for a superhero movie, and the scenery is just great. Wonder Woman is definitely work checking out and I think you should go see it right now. I'm watching you. I see what you're doing. Get your face out of the computer and see this movie, then you can come back. :P

9 -- Superb (Wonder Woman excels expectations, considering the terrible state that this franchise of movies is in. Everything here is of such great quality that it's hard for me to care about the minor flaws. They are negligible flaws and they won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme 2017 title.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 92% (7.6/10), 92% of Audiences Liked It (4.4/5)🍅

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