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21 Man of Steel

I love this movie. I don't understand why everyone hates it, and at the end battle between Superman and Sod ZOD is the one throwing him through buildings and punching him through cars and blasting buildings with his heat vision. And Superman TRIED to take the battle into space to avoid destruction, but ZOD was the one who punched him through a satellite and brought it back to earth. And the soundtrack was just amazing. And Henry Cavill is the best Superman ever. And so was Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El. And the plot was awesome and (Spoiler Alert) the scene where Superman has to kill Zod HE TRIED TO AVOID IT BUT ZOD WAS GOING TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE WHY DO YOU HATE SUPERMAN FOR SAVING INNOCENT PEOPLE? All the action was completely awesome and the plot was so entertaining. I loved the first 20 minutes on Krypton. I loved the scattered flashbacks to Clark's life on Earth. They always seemed to be in the perfect places. This movie is ...more

Absolutely badass and hugely entertaining. Fantastic action and soundtrack. One of the greatest!

Super is the oldest and strongest of all superheroes he is the king of comics and superhero films

The most misunderstood superhero movie ever

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22 X-Men

This is my favorite superhero franchise, but I think that the later movies were much better than the first one.

The best super hero movie ever ps this is my opinion and this is a girl talking.

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23 The Matrix

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE... Although not so sure that it is a super hero movie. Still, it is one of the greatest movies of all time!

Does really count as a superhero movie? I know it follows the story of a man who is destined to bring down an evil force, but I think of it more as a Sci-Fi film rather than a Superhero movie.

This should be number 1 my personal favourite movie of all time! - roblist

Matrix isn't a superhero movie, what? - NickWillems

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24 Batman - Mask of the Phantasm V 1 Comment
25 Watchmen

The Watchmen is basically if you took the realistic aspects of The Dark Knight and applied them to any of the super heroic action-based hero movies, making for a hyper-realistic depiction of what would really happen if heroes existed. It starts off with a group of what seems to be "America's League of Super Guardians" yet quickly transitions to the dark side of each character. You have Nite Owl, the self righteous hero who, though he always makes morally righteous decisions, never comes out on top. Miss Jupiter, the sex appeal of the team who is actually a pivotal character to the plot in the sense that she influences the actions of everyone. Dr. Manhattan, a god among men who chooses to isolate himself from mankind. The Comedian who doesn't care and is a rapist, murderer. Ozymandias, who thinks logically/statistically and has a a master plan. And Rorschach, a man with a black and white moral code in a world of grey situations. - JiggaMan

This adaptation of Alan Moore's all time classic deserves a top 10 spot. May not be a high grossing hit but it was one of those rare breed of movies made not for the money, but for the love of the serious stuff. Genre defining movie a must see! - antonsaikia

Without doubt the best comic book adaption ever made definitely deserves at least top 5

I think is the best superhero movie but no one apreccies it

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26 Superman

Christopher Reeves is the coolest Superman Ever! - westofohio

The grand daddy of them all, there would not have been a DARK KNIGHT movie without this one. It was up there with STAR WARS back in 1978 when it was released.

The first ever major superhero movie. This drserves more than any of these movies to be number one. Christoher Reeves, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, all these actors made it as famous as it is today. Also the John Williams score isthe best superhero theme of all time.

27 The Incredibles

You would think that a superhero movie to based on a comic book would be horrible, but the Incredibles is one of the very few that break the rule.

Has a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than any other superhero movie out there.

This is the second best Pixar movie after Toy Story. It should be on the top 10 despite the fact that the story hits a brick wall after Mr Incredible is freed.

Why is it 28? This should be number 2 with TDK as 1! - PeeledBanana

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28 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie sucks very little action

You have to be kidding me it's better than Spider Man 3 but it still sucks - NickWillems

Kick ass movie! Electro is so cool!


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29 Spider-Man: Homecoming

This Spiderman is first one to have an actor to look the proper age of Spiderman and the first one to really take place in high school and a awesome villain

I would say this is the best Spider-Man movie right next to Spider-Man 2 and it's a huge improvement from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

THIS below BOTH Amazing Spider-Man movies? You're killing me smalls! This deserves a place in the top ten! I've seen it twice! - Elijah_Cook

Should be higher, the best spider-man movie ever

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30 Wonder Woman

This movie was great! Good concept, depth characters and I especially loved Gal Gadot's performance. SPOILER, it was such a shame that Steve died. The comics have him alive but the movies just gave way for more tragedy. Very compassionate. - MillieTrina_Prower

Please add this movie! It's excellent! Gal Gadot was amazing as Wonder Woman! I keep on asking for it to be added and it hasn't been yet. It's a GREAT movie. - NickWillems

31 Spider-Man 2
32 Kick-Ass

Kick-ass kicks the asses of all of these movies dude! I mean seriously! I think this should be at least #3. Also, Hulk was completely terrible! Jeez loo-eeze, this must be decided by Brits! Kick Ass rocks, Spiderman 3 and Hulk should be off the list, and not even on the contenders.

Who are you... I'm kick ass

Has anyone watch the original kickass with characters like big daddy, hit girl red mist seriously this should so what if he doesn't have super powers he could spider man's ass anytime anywhere. - Rvplove9

I think this is te best super hero movie, because is't so close to reality. They don't have superpowers, there is real consecuenses, unlike Batman who got stuff that dn't exicist, this movie got it all. My favourite superhero movies are

1. Kick Ass

2. The Dark Knight

3. Hancock

4. Kick Ass 2

33 Thor

Visually stunning and hugely entertaining. Terrific action and battle sequences along with great humor. Awesome soundtrack also. One of the best.

34 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Why did people vote for this when it isn't even out yet

This was a great movie. I don't understand all the hate. - NickWillems

Why is this higher than Big Hero 6? - LarkwingFlight

Good movie

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35 Batman: Under the Red Hood

This is the best animated superhero movie ever! Amazing voice acting and great animation! The plot and dialogue are stupendous. This is my favorite superhero movie.

36 V For Vendetta
37 Spiderman 3

This is my favorite superhero movie other than The Avengers, this movie get a lot of hate that it doesn't deserve. This movie had 2 scenes that were just incredible, the scene where Spiderman and Sandman fight in the subway, and my absolute favorite, the scene where he's in the bell tower and he's ripping the black suit off. And I loved seeing Venom in this movie, and the end fight was badass. This and The Avengers are the greatest superhero movies ever.

Ok this movie had one of the most shoved in villains ever (venom) but I still don't see all the hate for this movie

I watched this every single night when I was a little kid! I could recite the entire script from heart

What the f... - NickWillems

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38 Thor Ragnarok

I seen almost all the superhero movies of marvels.. But thor ragnarok are best and also include lots of actions and comedy..
And hulk and thors fight are amazing mind blowing...
I can't explain..
I saw the movie first show first ticket 🎫...

39 Robocop
40 Doctor Strange

This movie has a great ingredient such as a great CGI image and a interesting stories.

Man it's awesome, A new superhero with a fabulous origin story

A true masterpiece the best superhero in marvel history

Why is this 48? This should be number 1!.

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