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41 The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton wrote the whole script for the film (and even added the Tony Stark cameo) and did a great job with it! He pulled off Bruce Banner and Hulk looked awesome in this movie as well. HULK SMASH! - 666metalheadgamer666

My favourite superhero and I like it when he beats other super heroes badly and the best was then when he fought with Zeus... Love hulk!

This shouldn't be so low on the list. It's such an improvement on the first Hulk movie.

Best super hero ever!

42 Thor: The Dark World

This is a really great movie from beginning to end. I recommend this movie

43 Ant-Man

Good movie with a bit of humour. Loved the Falcon cameo! Hopefully Ant-Man ties into the avengers story soon.

44 Suicide Squad

Who put this here? It's not out yet!

It is horrific

Not exactly a superhero movie - Nirocart

I loved this quite a lot. My third favourite DC movie, only to the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. - NickWillems

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45 Superman II

Superman meets villains with super powers equal to his own. For this film to come out in 1980, the imagery was amazing. This and the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton should be much higher.

For this to come out in the early 80's, it was great. In those days, they didn't have all of the fancy CGI they have today an it still had awesome special effects.

This is the best Superman movie and should be on the top 10.

46 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2
47 The Crow
48 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Even better than the original.

Amazing movie I loved it



49 Dredd

Dredd should be higher than #41 on the list

Top 5 material much better than silly willy dark knight

50 Batman Returns

This was the best of the original batman movies! Also batman forever was pretty awesome.

This is the best Batman movie after the 1989 one, with a great, sympathetic villain and a bigger Tim Burton effect.

This was so much better than batman forever and batman and robin

Amazing movie should be higher

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51 Blade
52 Hellboy

Why is this so low, what the hell! It's awesome and is one of the few that blends with fantasy fluently and Ron Perlman is just perfect as hellboy, and to have the sequel even lower the golden army has tons of fluent fantasy action scenes and is even humourous so it's shameful both are so low

53 Kick Ass 2
54 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
55 Big Hero 6

It's great to see Disney do a Superhero movie, something they really haven't tackled before in their own Animation studio. Sure it isn't a complete mystery but does it really have to be? Too many superhero movies try to be overly complicated and epic, but this one had a lot of heart and if I had to guess it will create a new generation of comic book fans that'll grow up and make the genre even better than it is now.

I love this movie! It's exciting, funny, cute, charming, and overall, really good! - LarkwingFlight

The story may have been a little generic but BH6 had a strong core of emotion - showing us the power of love and friendship. It's the perfect origin story. - AngyC

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56 Justice League: The Flash Point Paradox
57 The Punisher (2004)
58 Hellboy II: The Golden Army
59 Unbreakable

Quentin Tarantino put this on his top 20 films released since 1992 and for good reason. Probably one of the most original superhero films out there.

Most underrated superhero movie ever

Yeah go m night shalyman

60 The Lego Batman Movie
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