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81 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
82 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

What's this movie doing here. It sucks

83 Batman and Harley Quinn

This movie is awful. Don't waste your time.

84 Daredevil

love the movie with ths songs sung by eva...

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85 The Shadow
86 Batman Forever

Val Kilmer was a very underrated Batman

(throws my vote in with Batman forever) very fun movie. love it.

87 Fantastic Four

Pretty mediocre compared to 2015

Best movie ever. Along with the rise of the silver surfer. My favorite superhero is so The human tourch aka jhonny storm he is so funny and cute

This is my top 5 favorite superhero movies
1.Fatastic four
5.Fantastic Four rise of the silver surfer

88 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
89 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I personally enjoyed the movie, but I know I'm gonna get slammed if I say it. The only reason people don't like it is because Deadpool had his mouth sewn shut, but if that scene didn't exist people would praise the movie. - HardRockSam

It Actually Sucks A Little Bit

Yeah a little bit? Fair enough

90 Hancock

The only superhero movie who got real consequenses of the act of what the superheroes does... to bad it's so porly created

91 Green Lantern

I actually like this movie! But I know it's hated

Where is deadpool

Movie the best spiderman sucks compared

Huge GL fan. But movie could have been much better. It definitely should be ahead some of these other duds though

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92 The Green Hornet
93 Ghost Rider

Ghost rider? The best super hero movie of all time

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94 The Wolverine


The wolverine was the best film hugh jackman more character with it

Better than origins

95 The Matrix Revolutions

An embarrassing conclusion to a great series. The 1st Matrix movie was excellent in every way. The 2nd didn't have as interesting of a story, but had a lot of action and suspense so I enjoyed it. The 3rd one however sucked in every way imaginable. The ending didn't even feel like an ending and it was corny too. I place next to no value in this movie.

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96 Batman & Robin

This should be on the bottom of the list! I mean come on! Worst superhero movie I've seen. That's only my opinion - JudgePowers

This is the worst superhero movie by a clear mile

I think I'm the only person that likes this movie

Good when you're drunk

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97 Constantine

I class him the ultimate anti-hero hero. His superpower? Outwitting the devil and kicking demon ass!

98 Superman IV - The Quest for Peace

Not just easily the best Superman movie, or the best superhero / comic book movie. It might just overtake Citizen Kane, The Godfather and Vertigo, and be the greatest film ever made. This film has some of the best special effects ever put to film. Screw Ledger's Joker, Nuclear Man and Jon Cryer are the best villains ever. Don't even try to question it.

Who added this crap fest to the list?

99 Superhero Movie
100 Justice League

This movie doesn't even come out till next year

A great movie. Much better than the Avengers. Best characters. Great chemistry. Loved Ezra Miller's flash and Henry Cavill's superman. Cyborg and Aquaman were badass. WW was wonderful and Batman was being a batass.

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