Top Ten Best Superman Movies

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1 Man of Steel Man of Steel Product Image

Such an amazing and epic movie. The ultimate Superman film! Everything is brilliantly crafted. One of my all-time favorites. I can watch it forever and listen to the soundtrack non-stop. Loved everything about MoS and the fight scenes are some of the best ever to grace the screen. My love for this film is tremendous!

Such a stupid a horrible film. The worst portrayal of Superman I've ever seen! They took a great character and flipped it into a giant mess. There aren't many movies in the superhero world worse than it. I thought it was poorly made. I despise this film for ruining Superman, and made him to dark and brooding.

All though this was a great one, definitely top 3 material, it wasn't the best, and lacked something superman. I mean, what kind of a superman takes revenge? Takes a darker turn on your everyday happy superman, to a one that never smiles. Also lacked Clark Kent, Until the very end of the movie. So yeah. A pretty good movie, but just not superman.

Zack Snyder gave a new look to superman, everyone likes Chris Nolan's version of realistic batman, why you still like comic book version of superm an. t his movie gives a realistic approach to superman. Henry Cavill also done a great job, his face is the face of hope not the gay like face of Brandon routh. He is more beefkick. This movie was good in terms of visuals, but lacked the story.

It is better than superman the movie

In terms of

1. visuals

2. action

3 a better sexy nice ass Lois lane

4 Russell crow and Kevin Costner also played well.

5. A better looking suit.

6. better dialogs than' pink underware'

7. a much more better love story.

8. a beautiful krypton.

9. A better general zod.

10. A better kissing scene

11. the only movie showing the life of Clark before becoming reporter.

Why are you saying this is not enough.

Only problem for everyone was Zack Snyder. If the same movie ...more

2 Superman - The Movie Superman - The Movie Product Image

Whoever voted man of steel for 1st place is nuts! This one is the best by far!

How could this movie place second! This was much better than man of steel!

Good, definitely should be num. one. True to the comics, good casting, great action scenes, plots the story line for a good mother 5 movies. Too bad the series fell apart with number three, not even completely half way through the series. The costume was pretty much the only problem, but when you see supes in tights it almost adds a comic- sense to the movie, not even including the other original jokes. Moo. The music added a new sense of memory to the whole movie. As I say, a superhero movie is only as good as its villain. Lex Luthor was obviously well cast. So yeah, pretty good movie, but best superman movie.7/10

This is the movie that got me into Superman. This movie was so awesome, and I don't understand how people think Man of Steel was better. You can't beat this one for Superman movies.

3 Superman II Superman II Product Image

The added story line of the three villains makes this sequel one of the best of all times of any movie. In the USA one of the T.V. networks showed an extended version of the film, including superman flying past the Concorde on his way to rescue Lois in Paris.

This is the best Superman movie. MoS and got nothing on this, even if it is okay.

This movie took almost every thing the first movie had to offer, but made it better. It lacked some, but over all the action scenes made it better. Authlough superman one was a better superman movie, superman two was a better movie in general. 7/10

Everything that the first had, but even more action!

4 Superman Returns Superman Returns Product Image

This movie was much closer to the true essence of what Superman is than Man of Steel. The epicness of Superman isn't in large-scale battle scenes, it's in his humanity.

I would put it above man of steel and superman 2 in second. The first hour is really enjoyable and it does not go too far south until the plane crash and even then it isn't that bad

This is the closest Superman movie hands down! Closest to the "Real" & "Original" Superman! How dare they change his clothes/colors!

This movie captures what superman is all about

5 Superman III Superman III Product Image

Really? This movie marked the downfall of superman movies forever. Until superman returns, and after that it didn't stay near the comics. This movie is close to the comics, yes, but stayed Too close, and ended up ruining the movie.3/10

This movie sucks

2 out of 10


6 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This was the best movie ever Henry cavill is the best and he is also in man of steel but this should be at the top so vote people please!

Worst action movie ever.

Fantastic, I loved Ben Affleck as Batman it was awesome! (Still not the best superhero movie ever.) 9/10

Are u kidding me its on 7

7 Superman IV - The Quest for Peace Superman IV - The Quest for Peace Product Image

This is horrible

The special effects are horrendous

Really bad movie

This should be higher than BvS

8 Superman: Doomsday Superman: Doomsday Product Image

By far one of the darkest superman movies, and it really nails it. Seeing someone who has been known as invincible like superman being beaten to a bloody pulp is pretty moving. The first 20 minutes could be a standalone short film, ending with his death.

This was the good one. I have no idea what Man of Steel is doing at number 1.

I enjoyed this.

9 The Batman Superman Movie The Batman Superman Movie Product Image

Not a movie, it's a 3-part episode of Superman: The Animated Series, but it's pretty good.

It is a better crossover with batman and superman for one reason and one reason at all. He has the best supervillain ever. The Joker.

10 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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11 Stamp Day for Superman Stamp Day for Superman Product Image
12 Superman and the Mole Men Superman and the Mole Men Product Image
13 Superman vs. The Elite Superman vs. The Elite Product Image

I hope more people see this film, because it's the best Superman film.

14 Superman/Batman Public Enemies

I thought this movie was awesome, it perfectly portrayed Lex, and the friendship and hardship between Bat's and Supe's.

15 Superman: Brainiac Attacks Superman: Brainiac Attacks Product Image
16 Justice League Justice League Product Image
17 All-Star Superman All-Star Superman Product Image
18 Superman: Unbound Superman: Unbound Product Image

It's like DC Knights: Superman,
Just better

19 Superman: Red Son Superman: Red Son Product Image
20 The Death of Superman The Death of Superman Product Image
21 Reign of the Supermen Reign of the Supermen Product Image
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