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1 Dean: Saving people, hunting things... family business!

Supernatural is a great show! And I don't think it would be thar great if there was anyone else acting. And this quote is good too

Come one, this one's a classic.

Saving the family business.
Hunting people.
The things

2 Castiel: Assbutt

Lucifer got a little gift :) from Castiel - MatrixGuy

This is just one of the many hilarious one-liners of Cas that is proof that he doesn't quite understand humans and their ways (and in this case, their insults)

''Assbutt'' Should be in the dictionary!

I love this because I love cas

3 Sam: Dude, dude, I'm not using this ID. Dean: Why not? Sam: Because it says "bikini inspector" on it!

Haha. This was funny. I remember this episode. This trick really worked.
I love this show. Quite addicted to it.
But hey where's that quote, "I lost my shoe. " laugh out loud. You can't forget that.

4 Bobby: Idjits

This... this is a classic

*cries* - AnonymousChick

''You think I am a human-born idjit? '' - Ice-T

5 Sam: I lost my shoe.

I cry every time

I don't know I love this quote

Beste scene ever

6 Dean: Bi**h. Sam: Jerk.

Best of all time. I love Sam and Dean and whenever I think of them this is my go-to.

I love this <3 All sibilings have a way to insult each other and this is far the best one have ever heard!

7 Henricksen: You think you're funny? Dean: I think I'm adorable.

This one kills me. Because he's so serious

8 Dean: My Name is Dean Winchester I'm an aquarius I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women.
9 Girl: Oh, Thank God! / Dean: Call me Dean!

love the show, but come on this quote sould be in the top three is shows what dean stands for

10 Lucifer: Yeah, keep that sense of humor, Sam. It'll get you through this.

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11 Cop: You gotta anything that is real? / Dean: My boobs.

Haha I love this ep. But what about Sam:"Idjt"
Dean:"Bitch" or Dean:"Son of a bitch! " haha:')

I’m pretty sure it’s boots

12 Dean to Sam: Could you be more gay?... Please don't answer that!
13 Dean: They do know we're brothers, right? That's just sick!

Of course can be, dear Dean. Haha. - Ice-T

Every charterer in a t.v. show when they find out who there'er shipped this's Sam and Dean...

14 Dean: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole. House rules Sammy.

You got it wrong, it's "House rules Sammy, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole." Still, it's one of my favorite Dean quotes.

15 Dean: You checked in two days ago under the name Richard Sambora. I think the scariest part about this whole thing is that you're a Bon Jovi fan.


16 Sam: We gotta work to do
17 Dean: Son Of A Bitch!

In my opinion is this one of the best quotes ever! Also how they found it like it was not even scripted. I love these guys

18 Dean: You and me and dad... I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again.

This is not even funny. But it's famous...

19 John: Get your brother outside as best as you can... Now Dean, go!
20 Lucifer: “Those who hesitate, disintegrate”


21 Castiel: If the pizza guy loves the babysitter so much, why is he slapping her rear?

# 1 funniest scene, watching porn with Angels!

Quite hilarious and intellectual at the same time.

22 Sam:What are you gonna do, poke her with a stick? Dean: (makes a face as if considering) Sam: Dude, you're not gonna poke her with a stick!

Roflmfao! It my favorite scene!

I love this one :))))

23 Dean: God, I feel like I'm at a slumber party.
24 Dean: I’m Batman
25 Crowley: "You're good, but I'm Crowley."

Ah. One of the best. Total Crowley power moment there

26 Dean: I was looking for a beer
27 Castiel: Dean, how important is lipstick to you?
28 Dean: "Sammy I get all tingly when you take control like that"
29 Dean: Pudding!

That was just such a hellarious scene! It looked ad-libbed

30 Castiel "you don't have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom."
31 Driver picks the music - shotgun shuts his cakehole.

Easily one of my favorite quotes ever

32 My "people skills" are "rusty"

Favourite quote

33 Dean: Pepper Turducken Slammer. Better than that Geezer Chicken Chinese Salad.

Haha. Dean and his food. He sure is picky when it comes to that. More picky then Sam!

34 Sam: It's not food anymore, Dean! It's Darwinism!

My favorite quote from Sam, classic!

35 Sam: You're too precious for this world!
36 Dean: Dude, you're fugly!

Love that word...

37 I hope your apple pie is freakin worth it
38 Dean: “Alright one more dog pun from you and I’m gonna have your nuts clipped”
39 Dean: I would take a bullet for that dog
40 Dean: We had a deal!!

My favorite Line

41 Crowley (to Dean): Where's your moose?

Giant baby got in trouble again. - Ice-T

42 Azazel: Boys shouldn't play with daddy's gun!
43 Dean: Awesome
44 Sam: ¨what kind of house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks¨

This was a hilarious quote. Makes me laugh every time.

45 Dean: You know who does that? Crazy People!
46 Dean: Is that Gandhi?
47 Dean: Do these tacos taste funny to you?

This was the best and worst episode rolled all into one

48 Sam: "So get this"
49 Fun fact take your Christmas decoration's down before new years or you might get filleted by a hooker from God.
50 Dean: Sam, marry that girl.

As soon as I heard those words, I started laughing like crazy.

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