Control Major Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air and lightning)


I don't see why this first yet. The elements are very powerful. A thing you can do to with the earth element is you can move mountains, asteroids, and entire planets. With the air, you can have complete control over the atmosphere. You could make a habitable planet out of a bad one. Do you get the point? I just went over some of the big stuff. Like it says, there are many more things you could do. This power is OP.

This is AWESOME! Controlling water, the sea will listen to you and if you command it to do something it will do it. So Cool!
Fire I mean wow. Fireworks awesome and different coloured fire. How hot!
Lightning is awesome. Controlling weather is awesome. Not only can you control lightning But also thunder.
And there is earth and aircraft. There should be snow. We could be like Elsa!
All in all this is totally first.

With water you can control ice and snow as well, with earth you can control metal and molten rock, with air, come on I don't need to spell it out for you, lightning is a form of cosmic fire but it still rules.. by far the most kick ass powers ever for offense and defense

The combinations of using these powers can create devastating effects. You could make a wave go over a group of enemies, then freeze it solid! You could also suck people up into a tornado and then set it on fire, instantly burnt.

You'd be able to be Percy Jackson, Skulduggery Pleasant, Avatar (the air bender) and Pikachu at the same time!

I like this but controlling all elements (like sound, fire, water, ice, air, lightning, time, earth, gravity and space) is AMAZING!

Definitely the best power. It's the most fun to wield and also probably the most impressive power that one can hold. Imagine you're walking down the street, someone lost their lighter! Boom, insta-lighter, on your ' finger! Impressive! You can do anything you want with this power, clothes need to dry? Fire. Need to fill your backyard pool? Water. Dry your hair? Air. Gardening too much of a bore? Pfft, not for earth manipulation. And of course, everyones favourite, the ability to throw a lightning bolt at your worst enemy! What's not to like!?

This would be awesome if you could control plants. You can heal yourself, provide excellent offense/defense capabilities, infinite food source, use energy blasts from the sun, etc.

All of those elements can in some way destroy things. Fire can burn it, water can overpower something, air can push things away, and lightning can strike and destroy things.

You could easily fly from country to country, without paying for tickets, etc. And also,
Broken oven? No problem! Cook a pizza with your heat powers.
Thirsty? Form some water into your mouth! Thirst would be a thing in the past!
There are so many ways for elemental powers to be used.

Number 1. And this isn't even in the top 10. You can control fire awesome, water cool, earth + air great and lighting EPIC! !

You could also learn how to use the smaller elements too. And you could combine elements. Like use fire and water to create steam.

Possessing this power would be amazing! If I were to choose any one power, I would choose this one. Controlling the elements is powerful and simple, a perfect package!

Of course it's the best because you can basically control everything almost everything

You could survive in any environment and you would be a able to control pretty much anything anywhere.

This power should be unlimited to all the elements of the earth. But this is a pretty cool power

Control of major elements: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen...

I don't know why this wouldn't be higher because its flipping AWESOME!

Come on u could use powers that no one would beat like no better on then this

I always wanted to control the Major Elements and the Minor Elements.

Awesome superpower. I'll rule the world!

What about Ice? Dark? Light? Blood?

Why are things like omnipotence on this list? That's cheating. As is this, actually. Just choose one!

Thank you for your great suggestion I also love how you added lightning.

I love the idea of controlling ice, lightning, or fire. They're just awesome things to control