Omnipotence means that you can do anything. Without limits. Beyond what an average human can even imagine. Decide who exists and who not. What is good and bad. Restart the universe if something dislikes you (and it would be a change in your opinion, because it's impossible that something you dislike could happen if you don't want so), etc, etc.

LandisMorgenstern said that you defy the laws of reality, but it's not like that. You MAKE them. You decide if somebody has a power or not, and what power is it, and it doesn't matter if that person had that power before you, because past, present and future can't limit you.

You would never get bored, unless you want to be bored. Because you decide everything, the possibilities are infinite, including making yourself forget things so you can experience them from zero, if you like.

And, finally, to blow up your minds. You can kill yourself eventually. And you can back from death too. Death can't limit you either, all in the ...more

Omnipotence is basically God. You can do anything you desire and you'd rule over everything. You would be immune to everything!

The definition of omnipotence is having unlimited power; able to do anything. If you have omnipotence your only limit is your imagination. For instance say your going up against a time travel you can erase them from existence just by thinking of it. If you wield the power of omnipotence you are bigger than infinity. This is the power above all which is why only one person in each comic book who can have this power is the god/creator of that comic book series. For Instance, The only person in Marvel who has this power is the one above all who is the god of the Marvel Universe. In fact, The Above All is able to fight every single comic book character in Marvel all at once and win.

All mighty all above all. The user can achieve absolutely anything without any limit or condition, including the conceptually impossible, like "bigger than infinity."

Its one and only wielder (there can be only one in each fictional continuity, hence the "Above All") is fundamentally invincible, completely immune to all other powers, and able to defeat the combined might of all Creation and its mightiest beings just by wanting it, without the slightest effort.

This basically has infinitely many super powers all in one. You get infinite speed enhancements, invulnerability, invisibility, the power to create anything out of nothing, controlling anything, overcome all boundaries, etc. This outclasses super speed by an infinite amount of times. You can also completely disregard any time magic, and it won't affect you (and you can use it with your godly powers). You are basically unstoppable. How can someone with one power defeat anyone with all powers and is virtually better in every single parameter than anyone? The people who chose any other power don't know what omnipotence really is or they are biased with some power that their favorite OP character has.

Also, you can easily take anyone's superpowers away and watch the fear in their eyes as they realize they were stripped of their powers. Your existence alone defies logic, time, space and destiny so time users can't do anything to you. Telekinesis users can manipulate anything but they can't manipulate you and there's a difference between manipulation and absolute control. Sometimes you manipulate things and they don't go in your favor whilst having absolute control equals no wrongs or imperfections because you had absolute control over the situation. Space, Time, Destiny, Fate, Death, Life, and Reality; the things that every human is bound to unconditionally, rests in the palms of your hands. - LandisMorgenstern

Means all powers in the universe with no limitations except personal ones. You would also be immune to all forms of harm and could make any friends you have immortal.

Why isn't being Omnipotence on top of this list? You're basically a God for crying out loud.You have everything in your hands, nothing can affect you, you can create, destroy, whatever you imagine is in your hand. Your only weakness is your imagination. Nothing should be over being Omnipotent. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER COMES TO MIND. WHATEVER YOU THINK OF I DONE. THOUGHTS BECOMES REALITY. If having the power of "Thoughts becomes reality" you're on the same level as being Omnipotent. Nothing and I mean nothing is on your level except other Omnipotent beings. You're basically Superman Prime One Million and a lot more. Go look up Superman Prime One Million and see how powerful he is now times that by infinity.

Omnipotence contains everything listed. If you were omnipotent you could do anything. If you were omnipotent you would be god. Nothing would defy you, not even logic. You would be ultimate.

This can give you time control or any other power. You can be the supreme being. You can create nine dimensions and be the god of them all. It could get boring but you can create new things. It cancels the worry of dying. You can become king of the world. You can make mountains rise to heaven. And create an underworld for people who committed crimes during their lives. You can create an eternal paradise and make your friends immortal so the can live there. That is the ultimate power.

Omnipotence means you can use all Super powers such as Time-travel and Telekinesis and so much more so obviously it's the best power. Also, you control all of the universe and know whats going to happen before its already happened so no one can defeat you because you pick what happens. Also, you don't need a material body so you can't be defeated and no one can tell you are there unless you want them to know.

Anyone who thinks another power is either ignorant or scared of power. You can basically do anything. There is no limit. Omni means all/absolute, potence means power. So omnipotence means absolute power.

You are fighting a user of telekinesis, you can do anything you want with them. Blow them up, make them not want to fight, or just make them disappear.

Now you are battling a user of time manipulation, wait lets make that Meta Time Manipulation(absolute version of Time Manipulation). If they slow down time you will know and can steal his powers.

There is no limit do whatever. Make a mistake, change it. Can it get boring, not if you're creative. With omnipotence there is always something new to do.

Time Control, telekinesis, please. Omnipotence allows you to change reality however you want. Which means you can do anything, this power has no limit. Telekenesis, time control, control of all matter are all things you can reach with omnipotence. You can give and take away someones powers. Let me do a little RP. You are fighting a man with time control and a woman with telekenesis. The man stops time to kill you easily, guess what you can be there alive in his little bubble and has soon as he comes to you. BAM You take his power away and put him into a forever sleep in just seconds. Then before you unfreeze time you walk over the girl and make her your immortal servant. Some people say it takes the fun out of super powers, well truthfully you don't always have to act all OP.

I don't know why I don't see omnipotence being in the number one spot. Omnipotence is the power of having limitless power. To sum it up, it means all powers. I see Time Control as number one. With Omnipotence, you could have complete control of time anyhow!

For real, you can do anything, even control or destroy time itself. What good use is a time user if there's no time itself or you warped time and space? They can't do anything or detect the problem (you). Also, if you're holding time itself, the time user has to answer to you because it's one of your divine domains they're using. And telekinesis users have to answer to you also because they're using nigh omnipotent powers but can't do certain things unless you permit them to do so. Besides, you can take away their powers. - LandisMorgenstern

Really. Reaally. Omnipotence is basically all powerful. The definition of omnipotence is all power. In that case, you can basically abuse this power to its full extent (possibly) like: Steal every power for yourself, save the earth in a billion years ( because the sun will evaporate all water on Earth then we will all die), Time control.

If unlimited power was in a way of saying a specific kind of power like dexterity or intellect or raw body strength then maybe it should have been placed at 2nd but if I'm correct, then some people need to get some common sense.

Literally the most powerful you can get. How are Telekinesis and time control above this? Omnipotence is all power, if you had omnipotence you could create and destroy trillions of universes in an instant, each with their own different laws of physics. You transcend everything including time and space. An omnipotent could even do things like create a square circle or make 1+1=3.

This is the perfect superpower. You can do anything you want: create and destroy universes, change fundamental physical and logical laws. With omnipotence you will be able to do anything you can imagine, then expand your imagination and do even more.

Super strength is a good power because you could smash and throw mighty gods and smash buildings and loads more but the good reason to have super strength is that your big muscles will protect you from danger such as fire and there is another good reason to be super strong is that you could smash through walls and carry buildings and be a immortal superhero with strength like hulk

Umm. This is every superpower combined and allows you to do whatever the hell you want. For example, if you're watching a cat video, you can instantly make that happen in reality right in front of you and then also created popcorn out of thin air! What else would you want in life and superpowers?

A GOD?! This is the best power ever. The fact that you become immortal, Ability to have other powers, and you can defy everything including logic? This is the best super power. But I would put some of my power into a book, and let someone else do what ever they wanted with it

Come on. Omnipotence? This includes all the powers listed here. Oh no a bullet. Don't slow time to get out of the way, or deflect it with your rocky mountain abs, just make the gunner and his beloved flying piece of metal disappear. You can control all matter with this too. The quintessence is yours, as well as ALL OF THE HUMAN RACE and anything tangible or intangible. Oh look a terrorist... poof! The whole human race is gone so the terrorist has nothing to hurt. Like what.

To add to the comment before mine, since people with omnipotence like The One Above All and the Presence can fight all the other characters in comic books at the same time and win. This means that The One Above All can defeat every single character with time travel and telekinesis at the same time and win without even trying.

Omnipotence is every power ever and even more. It makes OP powers like time control, Truth manipulation, subjective reality nothing not even a fraction of what omnipotence is. you have power over everything omnipotence literally means "unlimited power" your don't have any limits.

You are literally a god. How much better can you get, huh? You can gain any power you want in the fraction of a second. Nobody can kill you or control you. You can absolutely decimate any time control user, telekinesis user, and super speed user. You already have every other power INCLUDING immortality. - SionicRelations

Why would you choose anything above this? Time control can do a lot but this is EVERYTHING! Come on, it baffles me how this is not at the top, clear winner.