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201 Power Over Life Force

Think about it, you could have power over any form of life. You could draw power from it to heal yourself or others. And you could take your enemies powers and life away from them. On full blast against enemies you could reduce them to dust. Same with plants.

202 Induce Hallucinations

With this power, you could literally make people see whatever twisted things you want. You could take over all of their senses, and really do some damage. On the other hand, you could make someone in pain not feel it, or someone you love feel like they were flying... The possibilities are endless.

If a villain wants to kill you, during a fight make him see that he's dying so he'll quit trying to rule the world

203 Psychokinesis

Well you control time, it only requires your mind unlike telekinesis which requires your inner strength. You manipulate gravity at an extent and have the abilities to do kamakamahas inside forcefeilds and do everything telekinesis can do. Peace, mike drop

204 Shadow Fielding Manipulation

The estranged ability to manipulate darkness and shadows, you can create shadow minions or duplicates of yourself. You can teleport through shadows as long as it isn't Interrupted by light at the given moment of pass through, you can in a sense walk through a shadow and out of a shadow of any other place like a doorway.Another added benefit of this ability is dark weapon fields, you can churn an area in pitch black darkness, make shadow realm weapons appear and shoot shadow bullets and guns and create anything the mind can offer.

205 The Power to Make Infinitely Dank Memes

DANKNESS is the most powerful superpower because all superpowers are Dank so you can obtain all superpowers (at least the dank Ones) DAT BOI DOGE BONELESS PIZZA

This is the most BOSS power ever! Brainwash the villains with the dankest of memes

Who needs supernatural abilities when you got DANKNESS?!?

This power would be super amazing if it wouldn't be for the normies

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